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Frank's Diner (also known as Frank's Resturant) is a location in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The CSI team often come here to eat (according to Greg, due to it being cheap) featured in numerous episodes even in early seasons.


Season 6[]

In Rashomama, Greg, Sara and Nick eat at the Diner, where they discuss the case. A waitress, overhearing them tells them about how her first five marriages were good. Soon, a big truck blocked the view of Nick's car and when it moved, the car was stolen.

Season 8[]

In You Kill Me, Nick asks Grissom if he would like to come to Frank's.

Season 9[]

They presumably eat at Frank's during The Grave Shift, where Nick finds a bug on his breakfast and eats it, grossing them out.

Season 11[]

In A Kiss Before Frying, Ellen had asked Greg to meet him at Frank's Diner when Greg arrived to the Diner's parking lot was shot down whilst Ellen fleed the diner to catch a bus.

Season 13:[]

In Code Blue Plate Special, the CSIs arrive at their favourite diner, only to discover 8 people, 6 of which the CSIs know well due to their frequent visits to the diner dead. Only to find out three of the victims were out of place and one of them was the killer, as it later revealed the suspect was the CSIs' good friend who owns the diner and whose brother was one of them. One victim wasn't supposed to be in the diner, but she stayed overtime, due to being stalked by Ronald Basderic.

Frank's Diner's Gallery:[]