Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Frank McCarthy
Gender Male
Family Amy McCarthy (daughter; deceased)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Police detective
Pathology Serial Killer

Spree Proxy Murderer
Dirty Cop

Modus Operandi Shooting
No. of Victims 4 dead
+2 dead by power
2 attempts
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Len Cariou
First Appearance Law of Gravity

Frank McCarty was a corrupt detective, serial killer, and cop killer who appeared in the episode Law of Gravity on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He is known to be the archenemy of CSI Michael Keppler.


Frank was a cop with Trenton PD and was partnered with fellow cop Dennis Graves. His daughter Amy was engaged to Michael Keppler. In 1985, Frank raped his own daughter, who later committed suicide; the crime was pinned on a man named Kevin Reeder. Frank was going to kill him, but Mike got to him first, executed him, and gave the gun to Frank, presumably to dispose of. Unbeknownst to him, Frank held on to the gun and kept it stored for the future.

Later, Frank and Mike bonded over the grief of losing Amy; Frank used the money he was saving for Amy's future to further Mike's career in law enforcement. They would later help Dennis Graves when he would kill suspects in his cases and they would cover it up. Mike then left Trenton, leaving Frank and Dennis to carry out their work. Later, Dennis was indicted for the murders and Frank got worried. He hatched a plan to take him to Vegas so that Mike could kill him.

Season Seven[]

Law of Gravity[]

Frank and Mike met at a local diner, where he tried to solicit him a favor but was stopped by Mike before he could explain. So, Frank instead solicited two prostitutes, one for him and the other for Dennis. He then went into Dennis' room and shot him at point blank range. The hooker he was with tried to escape but was shot by Frank; she scratched him in the process, leaving his DNA under her fingernails. Frank cut off her hand to get rid of the evidence and took it with him. Little did he know that there was a witness to the crime—Suzy Gibbons, his hooker, who bolted afterwards.

Afterwards, he blackmailed Mike into covering up his crime and to find Suzy. In the process, Mike found out that Frank raped Amy and set a trap for him. In a room at the Blue Siren Motel, he held Frank at gunpoint and confronted him on what he did. Frank admitted to being a dirty cop and "loving his daughter more than you [Mike] know." Suzy, who was used as bait to lure Frank to the room, tried to escape. When Frank tried to shoot her, Mike stepped in front of her and took the bullet. Catherine, fresh on the scene, heard the gunshot and barged into the room, where a startled Frank tried to shoot. A wounded Mike was able to empty his gun into Frank's chest and kill him; however, Mike also succumbed to his injury. Mike's cell phone is later tracked to an abandoned lot in Henderson; a cooler is found containing the evidence needed to prove that Frank was a murderer.

Known Victims[]

Personal Victims[]

  • Amy McCarty (his daughter; raped; later committed suicide as a result)
  • Alvarez (first name unrevealed; shot in the back with Graves' gun)
  • Dennis Graves (shot twice in the chest)
  • Courtney Evans (shot once in the back and severed her left hand post-mortem)
  • Suzy Gibbons (attempted to kill; was rescued by Michael Keppler)
  • Michael Keppler (jumped in front of Suzy to shield her and was killed in the process)
  • Catherine Willows (attempted to shoot)

Victims by Proxy[]

The following were killed by his colleagues and accomplices Michael Keppler and Dennis Graves

  • Kevin Reeder (framed for raping Amy; shot by Keppler)
  • Numerous unnamed suspects (killed by Graves)


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