Minor Character: New York
Ed Quinn CSI NY Grand Murder At Central Station
Name Frankie Mala
Gender Male
City New York
Occupation Crime Lab employee
Pathology Dirty-Cop
Corrupt law enforcement officer
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Ed Quinn
First Appearance Grand Murder at Central Station

Frankie Mala was an employee at the New York Crime Lab, and former boyfriend of Stella Bonasera. He was first seen finishing sculpting from a dead blind woman, who was in the middle of sculpting someone she knew, so the team could determine whether or not the man was a suspect. Some time later, he and Stella started a relationship, which became apparent after they visited an art gallery belonging to a billionaire playboy. (NY: "Grand Murder at Central Station", Stuck On You")

He later sculpted a model for Stella, claiming it to be a Peruvian artform known as "Aresanob", which Stella discovered was her surname, "Bonasera" backwards. She searched for a website concerning "Aresanob", where she saw a video of her and Frankie having sex which Frankie had posted. She was appalled and broke it off, though he later broke into her house and imprisoned Stella in her own home. When he tossed her into the bathtub to clean up but while Frankie got distracted with the door, Stella broke her razor and cut herself while cutting her binds off. Then when he came back, Stella hit him with the door and then tried to get her gun, but Frankie manage to grab it and didn't notice the slide wasn't pulled back, giving Stella the chance to steal her gun back. Then she pulls back the slide, loading it and she shoots him three times, killing him. The shooting is ruled self-defense. (NY: "Run Silent, Run Deep", All Access")