Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Frankie Reed
Gender Female
City Las Vegas
Occupation LVPD Detective
Status Alive
Portrayed By Katee Sackhoff
First Appearance Cold Blooded

Frankie Reed is a Detective with the LVPD in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Detective Frankie Reed is a high-strung, sometimes insensitive detective. She appeared in three episodes in season eleven.

Season Eleven[]

Cold Blooded[]

In her first appearance, she assists Greg and Nick at the murder scene of Phil Kohler. She says something cold about the victim before realizing that the CSIs know Phil from a previous case. She later apologizes to Nick for her callousness, something Nick says is no problem.


Here, she aids Nick at a murder scene in an alley off of Fremont Street and redials the victim's last call from his phone. She later accompanies Langston and Nick to a ranch with the intention of talking to suspect Bill Gibson. Gibson blows himself up in order to prove that his well water is contaminated. After investigating a hit-and-run later, she expresses frustration that nobody in the area seems to know anything about it.

All That Cremains[]


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