Minor Character: Miami
Name Gabriel Soto
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Arms dealer
Pathology Smuggler
Modus Operandi Arms smuggling
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By John Ortiz
First Appearance Guerillas in the Mist

Gabriel Soto is an arms dealer working in collusion with, and later targeted by, terrorist organization Peregrine Security, appearing in Guerillas in the Mist in CSI:Miami.


Sots was a arms dealer, notorious enough for a doppelganger and with high-ranking clients in the criminal world. He colluded in an allegiance with terrorist syndicate Peregrine Security, guising as a government-sanctioned arms trafficking intelligence and mercenary agency. With a buyer interested in a volatile electronic gun known as the DX4, or the Vaporizer, known for reducing victims to bloody splatters by hails of bullets all at once, Soto colluded with the terrorist agency to arrange contact and purchase. But Peregrine intended for direct contact and only negotiating with the buyer, not Soto as a middle man, so three of his smugglers were killed with the weapon, Peregrine openly admitting to it as it was under contracted orders. Soto's cigarette butt is found at the scene, but he denies his criminal business, although he says the smugglers did work for him. Discussing with Steve Lancaster, the CEO and killer of Soto's dealers, near a pier, Soto has his men take the gun with him and leaves, leaving a hair behind. Lancaster's later murdered by James Reilly, the founder of the originally ethical company before Lancaster usurped and booted him. When the hair's traced to Soto, he admits the deal to Eric Delko when interrogated on the piers his business is on, but his doppelganger is sniped to death by a Peregrine mercenary, Soto taking cover knowing the shots were meant for him. He's most likely incarcerated, and Peregrine, wanting direct negotiation with the buyers, is dismantled for good, the employees being incarcerated or shot dead in later altercations.