Minor Character: Miami
Name Gabrielle Marinelli
Gender Female
City Miami
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Smothering
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Lisa Brenner
First Appearance Killer Date

Gabrielle Marinelli is a rape victim-turned-murderer appearing in Killer Date in CSI:Miami.


Gabrielle was hooked up with Scott Brown, a client of Kim Burton in her business, Wing Chicks, where she pretends to be a "friend" responding to the business to get dates with easy icebreakers in meetings. Gabrielle went on a date with Brown, but at the parking lot of the restaurant, it turned into a nightmare when Brown raped her there. The prosecutor rejected the case because the preceding date would be used in favor of the defense. Maxine Valera mistakenly added Gabrielle's DNA profile in the Miami-Dade database, even though she was a victim

Gabrielle went back to the club she met Burton at and saw she was matching another client. When she was horrified by the truth, she confronted Burton and demanded she know why Burton didn't consider the risks in the business. When Burton just laughed and insulted her to brush her away, Gabrielle grabbed a pillow on one of the club beds and smothered Burton to death.

Gabrielle was witnessed at the club and denied involvement. But when her DNA popped up, despite Valera's attempts to cover up her mess-up, they immediately figured she was the killer but couldn't use DNA to prove she suffocated Burton. Instead, the team went off witness accounts and the records of Wing Chicks. When Gabrielle was confronted in interrogation, she confessed she smothered Burton to save other woman from what Burton set her up to suffer.

Gabrielle was arrested and incarcerated for murder, second or third degree.

Known Victims[]