Minor Character: New York
Name Garland Clarke
Alias The Prospect Park Rapist
Gender Male
City New York
Occupation Exterminator
Pathology Serial Rapist
Modus Operandi Rape
No. of Victims 9+raped
1 attempted
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Kevin Interdonado
First Appearance Vigilante

Garland Clarke, aka The Prospect Park Rapist, is a serial rapist and one of the central murder victims in Vigilante in CSI:NY.


Little is known about Clarke except for working in Hudlin Exterminators and being a serial abductor and violent rapist of young women, being known as "The Prospect Park Rapist" for leaving each woman tied up still in the fields of the park to be found. One victim, Kate Price, identified Clarke and brought pictures to the support group. Clarke would later be lured out and beaten and shot to death, left in Prospect Park as well to evoke the raped and identify Clarke as the rapist. A 911 call with a male voice created by a voice scrambler leads the CSIs to the scenes. After an identity confirmation at Hudlin Exterminators, the women who were victimized were brought in as suspects. It's eventually found out Heather Marist and Annie Cartland, another victim and Price's attorney, accordingly, are the true killers, having also soon after murdered Craig Tomlin similarly, for being Cartland's ex-client having gotten a lesser sentence because of Cartland's defense, but murders done for redemptive revenge.

Modus Operandi[]

Clarke would start with stalking young women, and after a comfortable amount of time for Clarke was spent on that, they would be blitzed with mace and abducted, bound with duct tape in the back of Clarke's van and beaten and raped throughout their captivity in the vehicle, before they'd be dropped off at Prospect Park and left still in duct tape and severely battered to be found by any passersby.

Known Victims[]

  • At least seven unnamed women
  • Kate Price
  • Heather Marist (attempted to rape , but was lured by Marist as bait and tortured to death)