Minor Character: Miami
Jonathan Cherry CSI Miami Darkroom
Name Gavin LaPorte
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Photographer
Pathology Serial Killer
Serial Rapist
Serial Abductor
Modus Operandi Rape and strangulation/suffocation
No. of Victims 1+ killed
1+ raped
3+ abducted
2+ attempted
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Jonathan Cherry
First Appearance Darkroom

Gavin LaPorte is a serial killer, rapist, and kidnapper appearing in season five in CSI:Miami.


LaPorte owned a photography company in Miami, which he used for scouting for women he wanted as victims. His crimes spanned the country, constituting an indefinite number of women. he came into the crosshairs of the CSIs not only when his latest dead victim, Leslie Anderson, was found strangled to death, but when Natalia Boa Vista's sister, Anya, was being held captive by him, her blood writing a message on a dollar bill saying "he's going to kill me". Things only got worse in the race against the clock when the press publicly revealed Boa Vista's connection to her. His company was eventually tracked, and he misdirected the team to another employee who had sex with or raped Anderson, which one never being confirmed. but they soon found his boat and found another woman, Jill Gerard, he held captive, who was never raped or tortured but still brainwashed into never trying to leave. His burial site is soon found, with another woman still alive coming up from the dirt and screaming LaPorte was responsible and where he kept her and Anya. He's caught photographing Anya while she's in a severely scarred state, and despite his attempt to escape, he was tackled and arrested, Anya being reunited with Natalia. The team then finds his collage of photos of various women, knowing they have more victims to find from all over the country.

Modus Operandi[]

LaPorte targeted women who were prospective clients for his company. Once he took their photos as part of his gig, he would eventually abduct them, often holding more than one at a time. He would continue to take photos of them while holding them captive, likely raping and/or torturing them as they were prisoners, with the exception of Jill Gerard, whom he kept hostage and brainwashed into staying on his private boat without ever considering leaving. After his rituals, he would strangle them and suffocate them to death, most notably with cloth bags, burying or dropping them where he found convenient after they died. he would even threaten them into driving around in public with him without drawing suspicion so he could transport them between his different hideouts.

Known Victims[]

  • Killed and raped numerous victims prior to Darkroom
  • Leslie Anderson (raped and/or tortured, then strangled/suffocated to death)
  • Jill Gerard (abducted, brainwashed, and held captive on his boat; was rescued)
  • Unnamed woman (abducted, presumably raped and/or tortured, strangled/suffocated, and buried alive; was rescued)
  • Anya Boa Vista (abducted, intended to rape/torture and kill; was rescued)


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Total 1


  • LaPorte is based off photographer, rapist, and suspected serial killer William Bradford, confirmed in guilt of strangling two women and raping a third, with dozens of photographs of other women suggesting still unidentified victims and crimes. A leading actress in the show, Eva LaRue, has a sister named Nika who was found in one photograph, reportedly because Bradford kidnapped and raped her, thus very likely the reason why the rip from the headlines.