Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Gavin Pearson
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Lawyer
Pathology Murderer
Proxy killer
Proxy serial rapist
Modus Operandi Hanging
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 raped
8 killed and raped by proxy
Status Incarcerated

Pernmanently disbarred

Portrayed By Scott Lowell
First Appearance CSI on Fire

Gavin Pearson was the accomplice of Tom Cooley and is later revealed to have helped in several of the killings. He also acted as Cooley's lawyer.


Not much is known about Pearson's past. He became Cooley's accomplice in high school, when he, Cooley and Max Liston drugged and raped a woman named Marla together. When Liston and Pearson, thinking she was dead, were about to bury her on Cooley's ranch, she woke up and escaped. As she ran, Cooley told her that nobody would believe her. 

Liston and Pearson, with whom Cooley stayed in touch, were apparently at least partially involved in the killings. Pearson, who got a law degree and the right to practice, became Cooley's lawyer. Liston, with some financial aid from Cooley, got into the construction business.

Season Thirteen[]

CSI on Fire[]

When Tom Cooley later comes under suspicion again, Pearson kills him and makes it look like a suicide. He is later discovered as the killer and arrested for his crimes, ultimately agreeing to give up the names of five additional victims killed and raped by Cooley.

Known Victims[]

  • 1987: Marla Louie (drugged and raped together with Liston and Cooley; attempted to kill and buried by Cooley; escaped)
  • November 22, 2012: Tom Cooley (drugged with sedatives and hanged; tried to make it look like a suicide)

Victims by Proxy[]

  • 1999-2010: Eight victims raped and killed by Tom Cooley over an eleven-year period. They are:
    • 1999: Stephanie Hollinger
    • 2002: Sunshine Vanletti
    • 2010: Janet Warren
    • Unspecified dates:
      • Ashley Brinn
      • Jennifer Sutterman
      • Sarah Jones
      • Tiffany Alcott
      • Kinley Summer


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