Minor Character: Cyber
Dr. Giana Luca
Name Dr. Giana Luca
Gender Female
City Quantico
Occupation Medical doctor
Pathology Double Hacker

Double murder

No. of Victims 2
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Jessica Tuck
First Appearance Hack E.R.

Dr. Giana Luca is a medical doctor turned villainous hacker and murderer who appeared during the second season of CSI:Cyber.


Giana Luca worked as a doctor at City Mercy hospital for 23 years, and she expected to be named as the hospital's administrator due to her lengthy tenure. To Luca's dismay, her colleague, Dr. Colleen Marks, received the promotion, prompting Luca to resort to murderous methods against the hospital's patients.

Season Two[]

Hack E.R.[]

Luca purchased malware and used it to hack into the hospital's ventilators, which resulted in the death of a patient named Lindsay Mullen. She masked her role by demanding a $5 million ransom, and she later hacked into basketball player Thomas Knight's EMR, killing him as well.

To cover up her role, Luca smashed her laptop and stabbed herself six times with a pair of scissors, and when she was found, she claimed that a red-haired nurse attacked her and was behind the hacks.

Known Victims[]

  • Lindsay Mullen
  • Thomas Knight


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