Go to Hell
Season 8
Number 3
Writer Douglas Petrie
Director Jeffrey Hunt
Original Airdate October 11, 2007
Previous Episode: A La Cart
Next Episode: The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp

Go to Hell is the third episode in the Eighth Season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


A child rapist-turned-priest becomes a person of interest when a husband, his wife and one of their daughters are murdered and the remaining daughter, who supposedly is possessed by the Devil, goes missing.


Victims: Alvin Macalino, Girlie Macalino, Elizabeth Macalino (all deceased)

On the case: Catherine Willows, Gil Grissom, Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, Warrick Brown, Jim Brass

During a heat wave in Vegas, Reverend Alistair Rhodes tells his sparse congregation that they're already in hell due to "drinking, gambling, and fornication." A homeless man is seen stumbling around outside in the heat; part of his face is beaten. He collapses and is later found dead by Warrick as he and Catherine are on their way to another crime scene.

That crime scene is in a motel, where two bodies are found. A man has died from a single gunshot wound to the head, while a woman is tied up in bed, bound and gagged. Catherine sees that there's no luggage and that both victims are still wearing their wedding rings. She rules out robbery and posits that the man was shot, with the woman forced to watch it happen. Infidelity hasn't been ruled out, and Warrick wonders if someone was trying to teach the two victims a lesson.

In the dumpster outside, Warrick finds a bloody collared shirt. Back inside the motel room, no identification has been found on either victim. A wet spot on the bedsheet tests positive for semen and there are fast food containers from Burger Giant in the trash. There's no sign of sexual assault on the female victim and no drug paraphernalia has been found. Grissom finds a Bible under the bed; there's also one in the nightstand drawer.

Mandy processes the prints from the motel room and finds several hits from shady characters, ranging from pedophiles to rapists. Meanwhile, Wendy informs Warrick that the blood on the shirt he found is from both victims; the blood on left sleeve is solely from the woman. Evidence suggests that the killer rolled up his sleeves while committing the murders. More disturbingly, the sex stain on the bedsheet is from a female related to the victims—it's their daughter. Warrick notes that the parents weren't that old, meaning that they could be looking for a teenager. Catherine enters and says that one of the prints recovered from the room belongs to a pedophile by the name of Alistair Rhodes.

Brass questions Alistair at his church. The reverend admits to being a frequent guest of the motel, trying to save the less fortunate. He recognizes the two victims from the photo Brass shows him. When told that a girl is missing and that he's a registered sex offender, Alistair asks for his lawyer and Brass arrests him.

Warrick provides Archie with the motel registry, which was written poorly by hand by the manager. Using a partial license plate and some letters of the last name on the registry, they narrow their search down to eight possible matches. One of those matches is for an Alvin and Girlie Macalino. Nick and Warrick search the Macalino residence just as the city experiences a power outage. Inside the darkened house, they find several religious items. There's also evidence that Alvin and Girlie left in a hurry. In one of the bedrooms, the CSIs find the body of a young girl in her bed with blood trickling from her forehead.

In the master bedroom, Grissom finds a cup from Burger Giant and notes that the same brand was found in the motel. Greg finds a broken padlock on one of the dresser drawers; the only thing inside is a Wi-Fi card. Both CSIs look at the family photos and notice that there's another young girl in them—the Macalinos have two daughters, Elizabeth (found in her bed) and Amy (missing). They're alerted to a buzzing sound coming from the ceiling above them. Greg pulls down the ceiling hatch to the attic, which results in a ladder sliding down. In the attic, they find that the other daughter was living up there. Grissom follows the buzzing noise and eventually finds an extremely large colony of bees living in the walls.

Brass informs Alistair that his prints were found in the motel room where the Macalinos were murdered, one of their daughters is dead, and the other one is missing. Alistair's lawyer insists that his client had nothing to do with any of this, but Brass brings up that Alistair used to have a partner in crime. He guesses that he and his partner were sexually assaulting Amy when her parents walked in. The parents were killed to keep them from talking. Alistair's lawyer confirms that his client's DNA wasn't on the bedsheet, but Brass believes that Alistair is still lying. When asked to give up his partner, Alistair says that his partner is the Lord.

Nick and Warrick search Alistair's house, turning it upside down to find any leads in the case. Warrick notes that Alistair has a flip-down ironing board; however, the shirts in his closet are all wrinkled. Nick cuts open the ironing board and finds cassette tapes hidden inside. The tapes are brought to the A/V lab, where they find out that Alistair wasn't filming child pornography, but, rather, exorcisms.

A flashback shows Alistair in the motel room attempting to beat the demon out of Amy while her parents watched. Her father stopped the proceedings, leading Alistair to accuse him of being a non-believer. Under interrogation, Alistair says that Amy's mother came to him begging him to free her child, as doctors and pills were unsuccessful. He went to the house, climbed up into the attic, and saw Amy with his own eyes; a flashback shows her lying in bed growling and screaming at him. Alistair tells Grissom that the exorcism was unsuccessful because Amy's father broke the rules by speaking to her, interrupting the proceedings, and not doing what Alistair asked of him. Brass charges Alistair with assault.

Outside of the Macalino residence, Greg finds a .22 caliber handgun in a small puddle of water. The gun's serial number is intact and he notes to Sara (who is off the clock on her shift) that it could be the murder weapon. Sara enters the house and sees Grissom removing the bees, which he says he needs in order to study Colony Collapse Disorder. Meanwhile, two officers locate the Macalino's stolen vehicle and apprehend the two people inside, one of whom is Amy.

A prostitute tells Brass that she remembers seeing Alistair at the motel three nights ago; however, she doesn't recognize the man Amy was found with. Brass interrogates the man, whose name is Andrew Wolflynn. Andrew denies participating in child pornography, but Brass informs him that they found his fingerprints and semen in the motel room, he was found in the Macalino's stolen car with their daughter, and it was his grandmother's gun that was discovered outside their house. In addition, the shirt Andrew is wearing is the same size as the bloody one Warrick found in the dumpster earlier. Andrew refuses to implicate Alistair and asks for a lawyer, while Warrick watches from behind the glass, seemingly focused on the way Andrew is wearing his shirt. Meanwhile, Catherine processes Amy in the hospital and finds out that she's only 12 years old.

Warrick tells Catherine that when he found the bloodied shirt, the cuffs were buttoned. Since he's about the same size as Andrew, he puts a shirt on and tries rolling up the sleeves, but can't get them up very far. The blood spatter doesn't make sense. Catherine, who is smaller in stature, tries the shirt on and is able to roll the sleeves up with no problem. It seems that Amy was the one who was wearing the shirt.

The Macalino family computer was recovered from their stolen car. Grissom shows Catherine and Warrick a file of chat logs between Amy and Andrew. Based on the wording, Amy was luring Andrew, not the other way around. Grissom guesses that when Amy's parents found out what she was doing, they locked her in the attic and called for an exorcism. Since Alistair left the motel room when the exorcism failed, they figure that Amy's father likely untied her from the bed. They guess that since the motel room was still registered, Amy summoned Andrew and the two had sex. She then called her parents back to the room and killed them in an act of revenge. Amy then went home to get her computer, killing her little sister in the process.

At Child Protective Services, Amy is told that she has a visitor; it's revealed to be Alistair. Catherine, Brass and some officers arrive and are told that Amy is upstairs with her minister. They then hear Alistair casting the demon out of Amy and see him throw her over the second floor balcony. She lands and Catherine's feet and dies. Alistair is arrested, all the while claiming that he saved Amy.

Victim: Eddie Kaye (deceased)

On the case: Ronnie Lake, Sara Sidle

Sara works her first case on the swing shift with Ronnie Lake, an inquisitive young CSI. They're investigating the death of a homeless man whose body was found in an alleyway near the motel where the Macalinos were murdered. Evidence suggests that the body had been there for at least 18 hours in the hot Vegas sun.

In autopsy, they find that the victim, identified as Eddie Kaye, was wearing new socks and was at one time in possession of a sandwich, which likely came from a shelter. Doc Robbins tells Sara that Eddie was definitely roughed up; his cause of death was cardiac arrest due to dehydration.

Ronnie faxed the identification to various indigent organizations and found that Eddie was a regular at a homeless shelter that's located less than a mile from where his body was found. The shelter's special that week was socks and sandwiches. Ronnie figures that Eddie got into a fight and died of exhaustion later on; however, Sara looks over the autopsy photos and finds evidence that Eddie was handcuffed at one point, indicating that he had an altercation with the police. She has an uneasy Ronnie print Eddie's driver's license, telling her that their job is to find the truth, not protect cops.

The prints on Eddie's driver's license come back to an Officer Casella. He recognizes the driver's license and admits that he and his fellow officer tried to break up a fight between Eddie and another homeless person. Eddie responded by hitting Officer Casella in the face. Officer Casella handcuffed Eddie and was going to take him into the station until his partner told him to drop it, thinking that it was just a ploy the homeless use to get food and shelter for the night in jail, and that he wasn't falling for it. Sara tells them that Eddie died and she looks disgusted, knowing that a night of food and shelter might've saved his life.


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  • Sara is still sporting cuts to her head and wearing a sling, mementos from her encounter with Natalie Davis in the episode Dead Doll.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of CSI Ronnie Lake, portrayed by Jessica Lucas.


  • The Macalino family case is inspires by the Joseph Duncan case, then the Richsrdson family murders.
  • Debra Wilson played Divine, the prostitute who recognized Alistair Rhodes at the motel. She played the same role in the episodes Getting Off (Season Four) and 4 x 4 (Season Five). Debra is perhaps most recognized for performing on the sketch comedy show MADtv for eight seasons.

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