Greek Smugglers

The '''Greek Antique Smugglers''' were a group of criminals responsible for stealing Greek antiques, smuggling them into America, and selling them for a profit (thus their title). They are also responsible for the death of several people who got in the way of their business. They were prominently active during Season Five of ''CSI:NY''.


The Papakotas were once the owners of a land in Thessaloniki, but the Greek Government took their land and left them with nothing, so they swore revenge against them by stealing some goods and smuggling them through the black market.

At one point, they recruited Sebastian Diakos (a brutal assassin and torturer) and George Kolovos (an Attaché to the Greek Embassy in New York) to work for them.

Season 5[]

The Cost of Living[]

The group comes to the attention of the CSI when the hitman Sebastian Diakos kills a homeless man who had stolen Ancient Greek coins from a collector named Mitch Henson.

When Stella and Detective Jessica Angell go to Henson's house, Diakos, in disguise, attacks Stella by threatening her in Greek.

When Stella tries to get more information at the Greek consulate, Sebastian presents himself; she recognizes his voice as the attacker and quickly leaves the consulate.

Forbidden Fruit[]

Two months after "The Cost of Living", Diakos kills a pawn shop owner named Declan Rooney.

Stella, knowing that Diakos is responsible, teams up with Detective Angell to set a trap for George Kovolos using old counterfeit coins from an ex-convict named Stan Trovato. Stan, an expert in counterfeiting, makes the deal in exchange for the transfer of his brother from one jail to another. Kovolos ends up falling into the trap.

Point of No Return[]

Three months after "Forbidden Fruit", Stella seeks the help of Professor Papakota, her archeology instructor at the university, who tells her that Diakos and Kolovos raided graves in Cyprus and were betrayed by their partners and want to get the coins back.

Detective Angell lures Kolovos to a shipyard with the promise of a large batch of coins, but she and Stella manage to catch the man when he arrives, threatening to send him to Cyprus, where they seek him for theft in one of the large robberies. Under the threat of being locked in a shipping container, he reveals Diakos' location—Jersey City. The two go back on their word, lock Kolovos in the shipping container, and have him shipped off; however, when they arrive in Jersey City, they find Diakos dead.


Two weeks after "Point of No Return", Stella again seeks the help of Professor Papakota when a man is killed on an "American Idol" show; however it is later revealed that the group of smugglers are not responsible.

Grounds for Deception[]

A month after "Prey", it is revealed that Kolovos betrayed and killed Diakos. Kolovos is later found stabbed to death and small fibers on the hilt suggest that Professor Papakota is the murderer. When it's discovered that the professor is on the lam, Stellas tracks him to Greece with Mac joining her later. It's soon revealed that Tasso, the professor's brother, is the murderer.

Tasso attacks Stella and Mac goes after him, but the man runs. Remembering that the Papakotas lost their lands full of peach trees to the government, they find Papakota and Tasso with the valuables from the tomb; Tasso starts shooting at Mac and then shoots at Stella but mortally wounds his brother. He then tries to shoot Mac again, but Mac shoots and kills him in response.

Known Members[]

  • George Kolovos (deceased)
  • Sebastian Diakos (deceased)
  • Kostas Papakota (deceased)
  • Tasso Papakota (deceased)

Known Victims[]

  • October 29, 2008:
    • Wolford Bessie (neck broken by Diakos)
    • Stella Bonasera (attempted to kill after gaining information; escaped)
  • December 17, 2008: Declan Rooney (neck broken by Diakos)
  • The following were attacked by George Kolovos:
    • Sebastian Diakos (member; shot and placed two coins over his eyes)
    • Kostas Papakota (member; attempted to kill, but was killed by Tasso)
  • The following were attacked by Tasso Papakota:
    • George Kolovos (member; stabbed in the back with an ancient dagger)
    • Stella Bonasera (attempted to kill twice: in her Greece apartment and later in the fields shootout; was saved by Kostas)
    • Kostas Papakota (accidentally shot)
    • Mac Taylor (attempted to kill in the fields shootout)


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