Minor Character: Miami
Greg Calomar
Name Greg Calomar
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Former gynecologist
Medical supplies stockperson
Pathology Serial Killer
Serial Rapist
"House cleaner"
Modus Operandi Foreign object rape
Neck snapping
No. of Victims 2+ killed
1 falsely incriminated
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Mark Pelligrino
First Appearance About Face

Greg Calomar is a "house cleaner"-type serial killer, serial rapist, and the incriminator of Patrick Clarkson, appearing in About Face in CSI: Miami.


Calomar was an OB/GYN doctor thrown out of his office for medical malpractice. He soon after turned to medical supplies stocking, including ultrasound wand gels. Equipping himself with several jars of the stuff and a wand as well, he found it a personal "mission" of his to "purify" women out of a psychotic zeal. He then began killing for years various women, particularly prostitutes, by breaking their necks and raping them with the gel-coated wand, believing they "didn't deserve to watch their being purified". In one of his earliest murders, Helen Sherman, a neighbor her husband punched during an argument between the couple, Patrick Clarkson, was set up to take the fall when Calomar stole a soda bottle from the altercation when Clarkson was just looking for his dog, leaving at the scene where Sherman was murdered. Calomar would insistently falsely testify against Clarkson, who would be convicted and spend the next four years in prison while Calomar continued the spree. When Clarkson escaped prison, Calomar had coincidentally already raped to death another woman, Cara Landry, which Clarkson was again suspected of. But evidence showed Clarkson was innocent, especially from additional goading to exonerate him when he briefly kidnapped Natalia Boa Vista just before she escaped. The wand and the gel were officially traced back to Calomar, having been brought in for questioning by then. Calomar confessed to all his crimes as well as his motivations out of disgust at the women he brutally murdered, officially leading to his arrest and imprisonment, even after Clarkson was found and arrested again but with more support from the police after he did time that was never his.

Modus Operandi[]

Calomar targeted prostitutes he found on "Barter Party", a buy and sell site. Under his psychosis of "purifying" them, he would blitz-attack them by snapping their necks so they wouldn't watch him, then rape them with an ultrasound wand coated with gel as means he assumed "cleansed" them. They would die from the severe trauma as he was brutalizing them to death. In the case of Helen Sherman, he left a bottle with Patrick Clarkson's prints at the scene to frame him so Calomar could continue his spree.

Known Victims[]

  • Helen Sherman (left a bottle with Clarkson's prints at the scene)
  • Patrick Clarkson (framed for Helen's murder and got sent to prison)
  • Cara Landry
  • Numerous other victims in and around the timeline




  • Mark Pellegrino, the actor who portrays Calomar, has had other roles in crime and supernatural shows, protagonist and antagonist, including Lucifer in Supernatural.
  • Calomar is likely based on Philip Markoff, a murderer and robber known as "The Craigslist Killer", trolling for women offering services, often sexual, on the website before binding them and robbing them at gunpoint. Markoff was convicted for robbing two women and killing another woman, later committing suicide in prison.