Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Haley Jones
Gender Female
Family Tanya Carrow (mother; deceased)
Nicole Jones (adoptive mother; incarcerated)
Mark Jones (adoptive father)
Melissa Jones (adoptive sister; deceased)
City Las Vegas
Occupation High school student
Pathology Drug dealer
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Taylor Swift
First Appearance Turn, Turn, Turn

Haley Jones is a teenage girl who acquainted herself with Nick Stokes during a full year between two of his birthdays. She appeared in Turn, Turn, Turn in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Haley was born to Tanya Carrow, a promiscuous drug addict with a record of misdemeanors. Carrow found out she was pregnant while serving a manslaughter sentence for killing Melissa Jones, the daughter of Mark and Nicole Jones, accidentally drowning her when leaving her in a bathtub unattended. Carrow offered the Joneses adopting her baby as paying them back for her wrongs, naming her Haley and having Haley take the Joneses surname. She grew up to be a teenager, where she was wild, witty, curious, and longed for more than her home. Nicole was strict with her, but also was secretly sickened by Haley resembling the woman who killed her birth daughter so spittingly.

Turn, Turn, Turn[]

Haley first appears on Nick Stokes' birthday, when he investigated the deaths of Dale Durney and Harry Steadwell, both eventually ruled as accidents over trying to reach a robbery stash. Haley asks about his job as well as advice on her school life, talking about her tense relationship with Nicole before Nicole calls her over. She later shows Stokes a bunch of cyberbullying hate comments for imitating her friend, Bree Lindale, which led to them no longer being friends. She just says "and the hits just keep coming" before heading back inside. Months later, she's at the motel again when Lindale accuses Mark of sexually assaulting her the night of her bonfire birthday party. Haley's horrified to find out Nicole stalked her to the bonfire when Haley snuck out, taking pictures to show the reckless, adult activities. Haley shows "I hate you" several times and storms off. Zack Fenish was also revealed top have been stalking her at the prty, hvaing had a crush on her, leading to the two of them dating after the case. Lindale was revealed to have been lying, hating the idea of turning in the real attempted rapist and accusing Mark because she didn't care to get close to Haley again. Haley became goth and found the corpse of Tanya Carrow at the hotel. Frank identifies her remains and leaves a memorial, showing Carrow with a baby Haley. Haley finds the memorial with Fenish and is horrified to see the truth in that photo. Exactly one year later, again on Stokes' birthday, Nicole threatened Haley with cutting her hair off, Haley finally having lost it and screaming "I hate you" for all the lies and abuse she suffered. One turn back at Nicole led Haley to be impaled directly by the scissors, killing her in less than a minute. Despite Nicole's cleanup, she was arrested and incarcerated, for Haley's murder and that of Carrow, who was poisoned by meth in her tea.