Minor Character: New York
Paul Hodge & Arye Gross CSI NY Admissions
Name Hank Bedford (left)
Frank Moore (right)
Alias Jesse and Wallace Carver
Gender Male (both)
Birth Date March 18, 1976 (Bedford)
July 18, 1970 (Moore)
City New York
Pathology Murderer (Bedford)
Con Artists
Modus Operandi Acid throwing (Bedford)
Rape with alcohol
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 raped
1 intended
Status Deceased (Bedford)
Incarcerated (Moore)
Portrayed By Paul Hodge (Bedford)
Arye Gross (Moore)
First Appearance Admissions

Hank Bedford and Frank Moore are a duo of rapists who appeared Season Four of CSI:NY.


Bedford and Moore first met while doing time at Hudson Correctional, as they both were locked up for previous crimes, which included sexual assault. Using Moore's experience in forgery and taking advantage of Bedford's youthful looks, they would devise a plan to falsify documents and enroll Hank in high schools to target teenage female students. They would pose as “father and son” with the false names Jesse and Wallace Carver. Bedford seduced Natalie Gerrard, daughter of Inspector Stanton Gerrard, into a relationship after trolling for teenage girls at Nathanson Academy. During a date at a party, Natalie was inebriated by Bedford before the duo gang-raped her. Natalie kept the dress she wore in a plastic bag, and after the incident, she stopped seeing "Jesse", withdrawing from her friends and her grades started failing at school. This would result in Bedford and Moore moving on to their next victim at Nathanson Academy: Lacey Perlman.


Three months later, at the school prom, Natalie saw "Jesse" coming along with Lacey as his date, and after noticing him spiking Lacey's drink with alcohol, she told the school's guidance counselor Robert Greggs everything. Greggs confronted "Jesse" in one of the classrooms upstairs, resulting in the latter beating him and pushing him into a cabinet containing dangerous chemicals, breaking the glass and getting different acids on his body, with a letal dose of hydrofluoric acid getting splashed on his face, killing him instantly. After being spotted going upstairs while being followed by Greggs moments before the latter's death in one of the pictures taken during the prom, “Jesse" was later brought in and interrogated by Don Flack, but the questioning would be cut-off by Moore, posing as "Wallace Carver", who showed up at the precinct and demanded Flack that he release his "son". Natalie’s keys were found in Greggs’ hand, with prompted the team to bring her in for questioning with her father beside her during the interrogation. A tearful Natalie reports the gang-rape and later gives the team the dress she wore during the rape; semen matching both men was found on it. They were arrested, showing absolutely no remorse over their crimes. Inspector Gerrard ended up shooting Bedford dead out of revenge for the rape of his daughter. Moore was later incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

Bedford and Moore targeted teenage girls in school settings, where Bedford would look young enough to enroll and Moore would pose as his “father”. Bedford would also often wear make-up to make himself look even younger. When a girl was seduced into dating Bedford, he would forcibly inebriate her during a public event and isolate her by taking her to their place to be gang-raped by him and Moore. The only known victim to this M.O. would be Natalie Gerrard, although Lacey Perlman was also targeted, but Bedford would be prevented from carrying out the act when Greggs decided to confront him. Bedford would assault Greggs by spraying pepper spray on his face and brutally beating him, then he would kill him by pushing him into a chemical cabinet, splashing hydrofluoric acid on his face.

Known Victims[]

  • Presumably drugged and raped other teenage girls prior to Admissions
  • 2008:
    • January: Natalie Gerrard (drugged with alcohol and gang-raped)
    • April 29:
      • Lacey Perlman (intended; her drink was spiked with alcohol by Hank but he was stopped by Robert Greggs)
      • Robert Greggs (beaten and killed by Hank after getting splashed with hydrofluoric acid)
    • April 30: Donald Flack, Jr. (attempted to slash in the chest with a knife by Frank but was protected by his vest)