Minor Character: Miami
Name Hank Kerner
Gender Male
City Miami
Pathology Killer Spree
Modus Operandi Shiving
No. of Victims 6+ killed
Status Incarcerated, presumably executed
Portrayed By Geoff Mead
First Appearance Body Count

Hank Kerner is a Killer Spree appearing during an escape in Body Count in CSI:Miami.


Nothing is known about Kerner's past other than that he is awaiting trial three times which leads us to assume that he killed 3 people prior to the events of Body Count.

Body count

He would later stab a prisoner to death as a distraction so that he, Randall Kaye, and Stewart Otis could escape in a police helicopter driven by Kaye's brother.

After that he kills Kaye and his brother and escapes with Stewart where he kills a driver for his vehicle leaving Stewart alone on his own

Because he was unable to kill the protected witness in his case, he kills the prosecutor who runs it.

Finally Calleigh finds Krener in a gun shop due to the lubricant he uses in his gun and arrests him, when he takes him to the MDPD Kerner threatens Calleigh that "this is not over"; but she replies that it doesn't matter if he gets it, someone else will make him pay for his undeniable crimes.

Modus Operandi

Kerner used whatever weapons he could get ahold of during his killing spree, including a shiv made from a toothbrush and handguns, particularly an H&K MP5K pistol and an S&W 686 revolver.

Known Victims

  • Presumably killed others prior to Body Count
  • Unnamed inmate (shived in the chest with a sharpened toothbrush)
  • Officer Gordon (shot twice in the chest with a pistol, causing to fall off a prison rooftop)
  • Randall & Bryce Kaye (shot in the head with a revolver)
  • Jill Gormley (shot in the head with a revolver; stole her car)
  • D.A. Janet Medrano (shot in the head with a revolver)

Known Accomplices

  • Randall Kaye (helped escape the prison; deceased)
  • Stewart Otis (helped escape the prison, later killing the Kayes for Otis' next attacks; incarcerated)




  • Kerner's spree is likely derived from criminals like Allan Legere and Robert Garrow, down to the carjacking, murders at home, even assisting Otis in finding other girls to sexually victimize and murder.