Minor Character: Miami
Name Hannah and Deborah Radley
Gender Female (both)
Family Each other (daughter and mother)
Sean Radley (Hannah's father, Deborah's husband; deceased)
Matthew (Hannah’s brother, Deborah's son)
City Miami
Pathology Murderers (both)
Vigilantes (both)
Modus Operandi Running Over
No. of Victims 1 killed each
Status Incarcerated (both)
Portrayed By Jordan Hinson (Hannah)
Stephanie Niznik (Deborah)
First Appearance To Kill a Predator

Hannah and Deborah Radley are a family of predator killers, one being Hannah's father and Deborah's husband, Sean, appearing in To Kill a Predator in CSI:Miami.


Hannah's the daughter of Deborah and Sean Radley, Sean being a partner at a law firm in Miami. Hannah was devastated by Sean having a series of affairs, which lead to Deborah finding out and the two consulting a divorce lawyer. As much of a trouble that was for the Radleys, as Hannah had always seen Sean as a hero, the shocker that hit and hurt Hannah the most was his exposure on the show Expose, dedicated to outing internet pedophiles, when Sean fell for the ruse of a chat room account named "Tiffany" so the show could lure and oust him. Deborah was horrified to find out the news herself, but Hannah found out from her friends, who showed her the video, leaving her a pariah at her school. Not only did Hannah decide to dedicate herself to stopping internet predators by targeting them, but seeing Sean's exposure as a betrayal, she decided to target him worst of all for the imposition he put her through.

To Kill a Predator[]

She stole the keys to her mother's rental car and careened off to chase after Sean, and just when Sean was fending off Lisa Ross, his assistant and the other woman in his latest affair, having broken up with her for "Tiffany", Hannah speeds up from behind, and just when Sean turns around to see her in shock, he's hit by the car. Hannah stops in shock, long enough for Sean's protruding leg bone to puncture the oil tank and spill it on him, as well as having lost both an adhesive fingernail adornment and a colored contact from the force of the collision. She then composed herself and then drove over Sean to ensure the crash was fatal before driving away, then ditching the car on the side of a road and running. Deborah's notified and feigns dismay when "mourning" over Sean's murder. When Expose is uncovered, as well as the car and Hannah's missing sequin found, Hannah's brought into interrogation once the car is traced to her mother. She feigns her own shock and devastation regarding the murder, only acknowledging the divorce, affairs, and the esteem she had for Sean before it was lost. This sob story was enough to let her go when Ryan Wolfe was sympathetic with her. This was further reinforced when Deborah took it upon herself to protect her daughter, shooting a random pedophile from the show, Tony Massaro, in public, twice in the genitals from a high altitude with Sean's hunting rifle. A shell casing she left behind with Sean's print on it was taken by Jared Belk to sell online, a stymie in the investigation tracing the shooting to her. What led to Hannah, however was a park meeting supposedly between another pedophile and a girl in a pink hat, directed to the CSIs by reforming pedophile TJ Pratt. They find previous suspect Kevin Weaver at the park, who's cornered and restrained by the team, but he reveals he lured the girl out there because his daughter Cassie was murdered by a pedophile, and he hoped to share that to scare the girl away, as he finds every girl in chat rooms he can to warn them not fall for the predators' ruses. Turns out he didn't have to: the pink hat's found, with a hair that matches Hannah. She admits she thought Waver was a pedophile as well, planning to brutally assault him assuming he had illicit intention with other girls, as she started dedicating herself as well. She then admits that she knows about Sean's ousting, and how she couldn't stand the lies about virtue Sean told her for years, but she knows she's had when they find a case for contact lenses, but they only find one, already having found the second colored contact in the car earlier after combing through it again. She confesses to the murder, but before he's arrested, she warns the team her friend, Mallory Harding, is being visited by a pedophile, turning out to be an Expose employee named Lou Durning, Durning being arrested for the attempt on Harding. Once Belk is found, so is the missing shell casing, with Sean's print on it leading to Deborah. She confesses to Eric Delko, saying her daughter's her priority and that she doesn't deserve to pay for Sean's actions. Delko merely says, despite agreeing, that Deborah still has to answer to hers. The two are both arrested and incarcerated for their respective actions.

Modus Operandi[]

Hannah targeted her father for being outed as a predator, then Deborah targeted another Expose pedophile to cover her daughter's tracks. Hannah stole her mother's rental car keys, then tracked Sean all the way to his office, where she collided with him, stood the car over him, then fully ran him over before diving off, ditching the car on the side of a road when she found it convenient. Deborah shot the pedophile she killed with Sean's hunting rifle, firing twice in his groin from above.

Known Victims[]

  • Sean Radley (run over with a rental car by Hannah)
  • Tony Massaro (shot twice in the crotch form above with a hunting rifle by Deborah)