Heart Me
Season 2
Number 2
Writer Kate Sargeant Curtis
Director Matt Earl Beesley
Original Airdate October 11, 2015
Previous Episode: Why-Fi
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Heart Me is the second episode in Season Two of CSI: Cyber.


Avery and Russell investigate when nude photos are uploaded to a website without the subjects' permission, while Raven's friend becomes the prime suspect in a murder when a man she met on a dating app is found dead.


Cyberstalking - the use of electronic devices to obsessively harass a victim.

Raven meets a friend of hers at a club, where the many attendees are using a dating app called HeartMate. Her friend, Tracy, politely rejects a guy, telling him that she has a boyfriend. However, the rejected man soon sees Tracy flirting with another guy and gets jealous. He follows the women out of the club and begins to track Raven using the app.

A short while later, the man calls 911 to report a shooting, directing the police to Raven's apartment. The SWAT team breaks in, alarming both women, who had been sleeping. As the place is searched, Raven sees someone running down the street outside of her building.

One week later, Tracy calls Raven in the middle of the work day in a panic. Over the last week, her utilities have been shut off, her mail was put on vacation hold, she was fired from work for sending emails threatening to expose an affair, and she was kicked out of her apartment after terminating her lease. Tracy insists that she did none of these things despite the fact that everything links back to her email accounts. The police told her that she couldn't take action against someone until she was physically threatened. She enlists Raven's help to find out who has been hacking her. During the conversation, Tracy discovers that her bank accounts have now been emptied.

Raven searches Tracy's bank records and finds proof of an unauthorized IP address used to transfer funds. She identifies the hacker as Kyle Bristow, and she asks for Avery's help in tracking the man down and bringing him to justice. Elijah heads to Kyle's house in Maryland and spots a trail of blood drops on the front sidewalk. He enters the house and finds Jared bludgeoned to death in the living room; a missing stone obelisk on the mantel appears to be the murder weapon. Elijah informs Avery that Jared has two cell phones, one of which is a burner phone that contains some very angry texts from Tracy. Avery wonders if Tracy took it upon herself to seek revenge for the hacking. We soon see Tracy awakening in a haze somewhere and realizing that her hands are covered in blood.

When she discovers that Tracy's phone is off, Raven becomes worried. Elijah informs her that Kyle was murdered and that Tracy is the prime suspect. A shaken Tracy is soon seen leaving a motel room and getting into her car; she's being watched by the guy she rejected at the club. The stalker continues to follow her, but the trail runs cold when he's forced to stop at a red light. He calls an audible, alerting the police that he has information about a murder and that he knows who did it.

The burner phone recovered from Kyle's house contains numerous text messages between he and Tracy. They've been messaging each other for over a month through the HeartMate dating app. Kyle pretended to be single, but kept postponing a meet in person. However, yesterday, he agreed to a meet and sent Tracy his address, putting her at the crime scene. The last message Tracy sent accused Kyle of lying, as she found out he was married. This would also give her motive.

Raven is called into Avery's office, where a detective starts asking her questions. He reveals that an anonymous tip led the police to the weapon used to kill Kyle. Furthermore, it's the same person who called 911 the night the SWAT team raided Raven's apartment. Raven knows that whoever is behind the tips is also behind Kyle's murder; however, she's advised by Mason Lynne, Cyber's legal counsel, not to say anything else. Much to Avery's surprise, text messages show that Raven let Tracy know that she identified the hacker. Though Raven didn't provide Kyle's name, Tracy's fingerprints were found all over the crime scene. After Raven is asked to leave, Avery privately tells the detective that evidence of fraud makes this a Cyber Division case. She asks for all evidence pertaining to the case and asks that it be sent to the lab.

Nelson discovers that the two phones in Kyle's possession only share one data point—Kyle's house. In other words, the only time the two phones were in the same place was at the time of the murder. There's obviously no way someone can be in two places at once. Avery compares the text messages on both phones and sees that they're different in terms of punctuation usage, capitalization, and shorthand. It seems that two different people wrote these messages, something Russell sets out to prove using microbial analysis. He explains to Avery and Nelson that every person has a unique set of germs that only link back to them. These microbials can transfer to devices, and Russell discovers that the two phones have completely different microbials on them. This is the proof that Kyle didn't use both devices, and the microbials on the burner phone don't match the sample taken from his body. Someone staged the burner phone, and that person was talking to Tracy while using Kyle's photo on the HeartMate app.

Tracy's stalker clones her phone and uses it to call her mother. He pretends to be a police officer asking about Tracy's whereabouts. From the conversation, he learns that Tracy was wired money and sets out to track her down.

Avery focuses on using the HeartMate app to track the stalker's way of life. The app records movements, and it shows that the stalker passed Tracy 154 times since he created the fake Kyle profile. These data points are removed to give the team a general idea of where the stalker lives, works, and "plays." Elijah discovers that Kyle's devices are clean; the stalker used Kyle's network to make it look like he was the one hacking Tracy. The device used to hack Tracy's email leads the team to a frame store, where the computer in question is found. Not only was the computer used for hacking, the burner phone also recorded the same location over 80 times. The quick conclusion is that the stalker works at the store. Elijah finds a framed photo of Kyle and his family; Kyle's photo is the same one used in the fake dating profile.

Tracy goes to the store her mother wired money to, but she discovers that the transaction was cancelled. She buys a SIM card with the only money she has and installs it into her phone. Upon exiting the store, we see that her stalker is parked in the space in front of her. He folds up a pocketknife and alerts Stacy that she has a flat tire (likely his doing). Knowing that Stacy has no money, the stalker offers to drive her to her location. During the drive, he reveals that he met her earlier at the club. When he misses a turnoff, Tracy realizes that something is wrong.

The SIM card Tracy installed provides the team with her exact location. While her phone number has changed, the HeartMate app has been running in the background. Nelson calls the local police department in Virginia, and they pull over the car the stalker is driving. Tracy is arrested for murder, while the stalker professes his innocence.

Under interrogation, Tracy swears that she didn't kill Kyle and only ran because she has a record. She recalls walking into Kyle's house and seeing blood everywhere, but doesn't remember what happened next. When shown the messages she sent Kyle on the HeartMate app, she denies sending them and tells Avery that she didn't know Kyle was married. Avery informs her that she wasn't communicating with Kyle on the app. She then shows Tracy photos of the men who had access to the computer used to do the hacking; Tracy picks Holden Katnik from the photo array. Tracy mentions that she met Holden at the club and blew him off. Avery concludes that the chance meeting was no accident; Holden had spent weeks as Kyle, getting to know everything about Tracy. When he was rejected at the club, he felt that all of his work had been for nothing, so he decided to get revenge.

Avery tells Mason that Tracy is innocent of murder and that Holden is framing her. However, Mason says that the prosecutor has fingerprints on a murder weapon and that Tracy fled from police. Avery lays out the facts: Holden murdered Kyle and sent Tracy a message through the HeartMate app to lure her to the house. When Tracy arrived, Holden drugged her, took the murder weapon from the scene, drove Tracy to a motel, and planted the murder weapon in the hotel room. Everything was a setup to fabricate motive. Unfortunately, Tracy's testimony in court won't mean much, as she has no memory of those events. The team needs definite proof that Holden is guilty.

It's proven that Tracy was at Kyle's house between 12:32 PM and 12:42 PM on the morning of the murder. The time of death window is placed at between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM, so Tracy isn't off the hook. Russell conducts a test using enzymes to chart the degradation of proteins in Kyle's muscles; this will narrow down the time of death to within minutes. The time of death is marked at 11:58 AM, proving Tracy's innocence. Raven greets Tracy and reveals that her real job is working for the FBI (she had told her friends she worked for a museum). She provides her friend with a hack-proof laptop and phone. Furthermore, Tracy is put up in a hotel until Holden is found.

Mason confronts Avery, irate that the team used "pseudoscience" that hasn't been validated yet to exonerate Tracy. He believes that none of this will hold up in the court of law and demands that Tracy be brought back into custody.

Tracy walks down a street and reads a text message from an unknown number commenting on her outfit. She calls Raven in a panic, telling her that Holden has somehow found her despite the heavy encryption put on the phone. Krumitz realizes that Raven herself is the connection between Tracy and Holden. Holden was in Tracy's email, so he knew she and Raven were friends. Raven realizes that she also has the HeartMate app and that Holden has been following her. This is how he knew Tracy had gotten a new number; he tracked Raven to headquarters and followed Tracy when she left the building. Krumitz guesses that Holden has been using a cell catcher. The device measures signal strength, so Holden would know which number was Tracy's based on his distance from her.

Krumitz has Raven cross-reference all the guys the HeartMate app connected to an hour ago with the guys Raven connected to at the club. There's one name in common: Brad Larson. Raven leaves Tracy a voice mail instructing her to ignore anyone pretending to be Brad on HeartMate. However, Tracy decides to turn the tables by creating a fake account and inviting "Brad" out for a drink. She then grabs a boxcutter from the hotel lobby.

When Tracy doesn't make it back to her hotel room, Raven is tasked with finding her. She accesses "Brad's" location and sees that he's being followed by "Amy Whittaker," the fake profile Tracy created. With Avery and Elijah tracking Holden's location, Raven finds Tracy and stops her before she's able to take things further. The women look on as Holden is arrested for murder and computer fraud. Raven reveals that she knew Tracy was using a fake dating profile because "Amy Whittaker" is the alias she uses when she's in party mode.

In a separate storyline, the team continues their investigation into Garth Rizzo, the man who runs a revenge porn site called ShamedExxx.com. He victimizes innocent women by posting their private naked photos on his blog; recently, he's escalated to posting ten photos a day. Attempts to arrest him and have the site taken down have been unsuccessful, as Garth has no record and a team of high-priced lawyers. Furthermore, the photos Garth posts have actually been sent to him by jilted exes; he's just decided to post them online. Garth is protected by the First Amendment, and the only way the team can have him arrested is if they prove he hacked the devices to obtain the photos. A search warrant won't be provided until it's proven Garth is doing something illegal.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

  • Lyndon Smith as Tracy Jacobs
  • Christopher Cousins as Mason Lynne
  • Grant Harvey as Holden Katnik
  • McKenna Grace as Michelle Mundo
  • Marco Sanchez as Detective Gonzalez
  • Scott Broderick as Landlord
  • Kelly Chavers as Clerk
  • Alton Clemente as Officer
  • Tony Daly as Police Officer
  • Keli Daniels as Madeline Jacobs
  • Matt Devine as Coworker
  • Cristen Irene as Cashier
  • Graciella Evelina Martinez as HP Rep
  • Dana Melanie as Marcie Lindell
  • A.J. Tannen as Mr. Williams
  • Afsheen Olyaie as Rioter


  • Who Cares? by Beth Yen (feat. Kudo$)


  • Russell mentions to Nelson that he's divorced from his wife, Barbara.

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