Minor Character: New York
Name Heather Marist and Annie Cartland
Gender Both female
City New York
Occupation Public defender (Cartland)
Pathology Murderers

Killing Team Vigilantes Copycats Stalkers Accomplices to Murder Conspirators

Modus Operandi Copying Victims
No. of Victims 2 killed
Status Both incarcerated

Permanently disbarred (Cartland)

Portrayed By Eve Mauro (Marist)
Megan Ward (Cartland)
First Appearance Vigilante

Heather Marist and Annie Cartland are a duo of vigilante murderers in CSI:New York.


Heather Marist is a victim of the Prospect Park Rapist, and Annie Cartland used to work as a defense attorney, once getting a client convicted of sex offense, Craig Tomlin, a lighter sentence. Marist was permanently scarred, and Cartland regretted her position ever since and assigned herself to more deserving clients, one being Kate Price, another Prospect Park Rapist victim. At the support group for the victims of the serial rapist, when Price came in with pictures revealing the rapist, Garland Clarke, the two women decided to get revenge. When Clarke was stalking another woman to rape her, the two women bound and tortured Clarke as Clarke attacked the women raped by Clarke, before shooting Clarke dead and leaving bloodied and bound in the very park where the crimes occurred, calling 911 to report the crime with a voice scrambler under a male tone just after. The women who were raped, including Marist and Price, are all brought in as suspects, Price being suspected when her hair is found on the duct tape at Clarke's murder. Cartland arrives to represent her and speak with her alone, hearing about the situation on the City Victims Network. Price is soon cleared when the shooting scene is found, in the back of Clarke's van where the rapes occurred. Price's DNA cakes the trunk of the van from when she was raped, thus eliminating her as a suspect due to circumstantial evidence. The case gets more complicated when the two women repeat the process on Tomlin, luring the ex-con into a parking garage before shooting Tomlin in the back of the head. But it didn't go as planned when the mace didn't work, Tomlin was held down instead of bound, and the scramble was destroyed despite the 911 call still leading to the crime scene. Blood patterns from the struggle reveal one woman was under Tomlin to reveal two killers, and reverse engineering the voice on the phone from the scrambler leads back to Marist, who's identified by her sweat in sport cream she left on Tomlin's corpse. Cartland's fingered when a crystal at Tomlin's crime scene has a microdot tag that traces back to her earrings. The two women confess to wanting revenge against sex offenders they suffered from once the Prospect Park Rapist was revealed at the support group. Marist was the bait for Clarke, and Cartland felt it justice as well to add Tomlin to the hit list after only serving five years for rape. They don't feel sorry for their own vigilante justice, and even Price cherishes their actions with gratitude for the second chances she and other people impacted have as well.

Modus Operandi[]

The two women targeted sex offenders they were connected to, Marist's rapist and Cartland's ex-client she got a lighter sentence for in her job. They stalked the offenders down before blitzing the victims in question, macing and either binding or holding down to immobilize and disorient, beating to torture, and shooting dead. Clarke was shot three times while Tomlin was shot once in the back of the head. Clarke was transported to Prospect Park, Clarke's hunting grounds as the Prospect Park Rapist, while Tomlin was left at the scene in a parking garage. After each murder, they placed an emergency hotline call with a voice scrambler, using a male voice to report the murders and lead the police to the scenes.

Known Victims[]

  • Garland Clarke (Kate’s rapist; stalked, bound, maced, beaten, and shot three times by Marist; dumped in Prospect Park still bound postmortem)
  • Craig Tomlin (Cartland's ex-client released on a light sentence; stalked, held down, slightly maced, beaten, and shot once in the back of the head by Cartland)