Season 2
Number 23
Writer Eli Talbert
Director Anthony Hemingway
Original Airdate May 10, 2006
Previous Episode: All Access
Next Episode: Charge of this Post

Heroes is the twenty-third episode in Season Two of CSI: NY.


The US Marines are hosting their annual "Fleet Week" in Central Park. During one of their games, a young boy finds the body of a noncommissioned officer. In another case, a burnt body is found inside a car; however the case takes a dramatic turn for the worse when they discover the victim's identity.


The body of a Marine, Corporal Trevor Price, is found in the bushes near where his fellow officers are celebrating "Fleet Week." He was killed by a single stab wound to the chest, and blood around the area makes it appear he was dragged into the bushes. Hammerback finds extensive bruising on his back, which Price's commander confirms to Mac was from the training known as the "bull ring." Stella, Lindsay and Hawkes are on the case of a burned out car with a body inside. Hammerback confirms the skeleton belonged to a woman and tells Hawkes she was beaten to death before she was burned. When Hawkes does facial reconstruction and runs the skull through FastScan, he's horrified to discover the identity of the victim: Aiden Burn, a former CSI. The car she was found in belonged to a man named Charles Wright. Mac and Stella vigorously interrogate the man, who reported the car stolen hours after the CSIs found it, but he tells them he was simply trying to hide the fact that he was with a prostitute at a hotel when it was stolen.

While Lindsay and Hawkes go over the car, specifically an unusual indentation in the car's passenger side armrest, a shaken Danny examines Price's clothes and finds a drop of blood on his shirt, a watch in his pocket inscribed from a woman named Ellie and a single lima bean—but no money. This leads the CSI to Rondo, a street hustler who plays three-card Monty with tourists. Rondo, sporting a shiner, admits to conning Price but says the marine was good-natured about it and took a lima bean as a souvenir. The black eye was courtesy of some Marines who didn't look so fondly on Rondo's tricks. Stella is unable to match Charles' ear to an ear print on the passenger side window, so she and Mac turn to Aiden's apartment, where they find surveillance photos of D.J. Pratt, the rapist who Aiden considered planting evidence against in order to catch, thus ending her career. When Stella last saw Aiden, Aiden told her she was working on an independent project, as well as getting her P.I. license—the CSI now knows what Aiden meant. Mac is certain Pratt murdered Aiden.

Danny traces a drop of banana-flavored beer on Price's pants to a bar that specializes in the drink, the Yard Bar. Flack goes to the bar, but the waitress, Alexandria, wasn't working that night. The bartender remembers Price as genial—everyone clapped for him and the bartender gave him his drinks for free. He does recall Price was looking for a woman named Ellie and left around 11:30 pm. Danny and Mac confer on the case, and Mac shows Danny how the Marine would have defended himself and incapacitated an attacker. They conclude there must have been a second attacker, and Mac sends Danny to the hospital to look for him, figuring his nose is likely broken from the attack. Danny and Flack find Keith Gale, who was admitted to the hospital blocks away from where Price's body was found only 10 minutes after their estimated time of death. His bruised wife, Stacey, defends taking her abusive husband back again and again when Danny confronts her, and when he turns to what happened with Price—the Marine saw Keith beating her and stepped in to protect her—she says she stabbed Price because she thought he'd killed her husband.

Stella and Lindsay find paint flecks in the ignition of the car from the tool used to get it to start, but though they match the paint to the kind Pratt is using at his current job, the paint is too common to prove his guilt. Looking at the pictures Aiden took of Pratt following a blonde from his building, Stella suspects Pratt lured Aiden into following him so he could kill her. The case comes together when Hawkes matches the bite marks on the passenger side armrest to Aiden. The CSIs bring Pratt in, and he's booked and photographed—the CSIs match the ear print to him and the booking photos reveal a bite mark on his arm. The case against Pratt has finally been made. Stella asks Mac how he connected it all and he recalls a similar case Aiden worked as a rookie patrol officer. Before meeting his colleagues to toast Aiden's memory at a local bar, Mac takes the watch Price was carrying and returns it to Alexandria, whose fiancé—a Marine posted with Price and who had died in combat—called Ellie.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Vanessa Ferlito as Aiden Burn
  • Chad Williams as D.J. Pratt
  • Joaquin Perez Campbell as Captain Flood
  • Sam Trammell as Charles Wright
  • Chadwick Boseman as Rondo
  • Todd Ryan Jones as Corporal Trevor Price
  • Candice Coke as Alexandria Hollis
  • Charlie Weber as Damon
  • Alison Folland as Stacey Gale
  • Terrence Edwards as Marine Sergeant Sheperd
  • Andrew Galves as Ghillie Suit Marine
  • Jaylen Moore as Marine Sniper
  • J.J. Perry as Keith Gale


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