Hitting for the Cycle
The Cycle.jpg
Season 11
Number 18
Writer Daniel Steck,
Richard Catalani
Director Alec Smight
Original Airdate March 31, 2011
Previous Episode: The List
Next Episode: Unleashed

Hitting for the Cycle is the eighteenth episode in season eleven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


With a suicide, a homicide, and an accidental death already in the books, the team places bets on whether there will also be a natural causes death to complete "the cycle" before the end of the shift.


The grave shift has logged a suicide, a homicide and an accidental death in the same shift. If someone on the team investigates a natural death before the shift is over, the team will hit “the cycle”. Nick, Greg and Hodges place bets on who will pull the natural death case, and the rest of the lab gets in on the action.

Greg and Sara meet Doc Robbins’ new assistant Kevin in autopsy, and Greg hopes the coroner will say his latest victim died of natural causes. Unfortunately, the woman was accidentally killed after swallowing a paperclip that pierced her intestine and caused a deadly infection. The CSIs get called out to another crime scene, and Greg remains hopeful that he can come across a natural death by the end of the shift. He and Sara go to the home of Steven Pyles, aka Dv8Avenger, an overweight man who died while playing a video game. Initially, it looks like the man died of a heart attack or stroke, but Greg can’t celebrate his victory just yet. A fellow player set off a series of flash bang grenades in the game to give Steven a seizure, but that didn’t kill him. In fact, he wasn’t even conscious when the flash bang grenades went off on the screen. He had a combination of zolpidem sleeping pills and ipecac in his system—the zolpidem was put in his drink, and the ipecac was all over his pizza. The combination caused him to pass out and choke on his own vomit. The prescription for the zolpidem was under the name Evan Ferrari, Steven’s girlfriend, but she loved him and says she wouldn’t kill him. The killer was Evan’s ex-girlfriend Monica Gimble, who was angry about Evan leaving her for a guy like Steven. She didn’t think the cops would even look into his death after seeing his weight, his lifestyle and how he died. The homicide is solved, and Greg doesn’t win the bet.

Nick and Langston investigate the death of Benjamin Fowler, a recently divorced man found dead at the bottom of his friends’ pool. He was housesitting, and the home has been robbed. He was tied up, and he was shot while his mouth was open, causing the bullet to exit the back of his head. It looks like a homicide; however, things are not as they initially seem. Ben was having a rough time after his divorce, and he owed money to a loan shark named Carl Jansen. Ben killed himself and tried to make his death look like a homicide so his ex-wife would get the money from his life insurance policy. The case is ruled as a suicide, so Nick also loses the bet.

At the end of the shift, Doc Robbins and David Phillips are dealing with one last body. This man was killed during a robbery, making it a clear homicide case. They went the whole shift without a single natural death. David goes to find Kevin so they can prep the body for autopsy, but he finds Kevin dead from an aneurysm. The cycle is complete, and Doc Robbins wins the bet—he put his money on David finding someone who died from natural causes.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jon Wellner as Henry Andrews
  • Travis Aaron Wade as Kevin Tilsdale
  • Nathalie Kelly as Monica Gimble
  • Kaitlin Doubleday as Evan Ferrari
  • Nicholas Braun as Neal Monroe
  • Ali Hillis as Olivia Fowler
  • Sal Landi as Carl Jansen
  • Victor Browne as Benjamin Fowler
  • Ramsey Moore as Steven Pyles
  • Erin Brown as Polly

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