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Honeymoon in Vegas
Honeymoon in Vegas
Season 1
Number 2
Writer Jason Tracey
Director Nathan Hope
Original Airdate October 13, 2021
Previous Episode: Legacy (Vegas)
Next Episode: Under the Skin

Honeymoon in Vegas is the second episode in Season One of CSI: Vegas.


While Grissom and Sara try to help a former colleague implicated in evidence tampering, the CSI team investigates the murder of a couple on their wedding day and find a link to the dark side of the Las Vegas elite.


Victims: Jinny Lee and Nate Kestler (both deceased)

On the case: Allie Rajan, Joshua Folsom, Maxine Roby

In the middle of the night, multiple shots ring out in a darkened home. A man and woman have been shot; however, the woman has temporarily survived. She tries crawling to her phone in the kitchen, but the shooter steps on her arm before she can do so. Curiously, the shooter takes a photograph of her before killing her once and for all.

Allie, Folsom and Max arrive at the scene. Multiple news vans have also shown up, as every move the lab makes is being watched thanks to the Hodges case. The deceased are identified as Jinny Lee and Nate Kestler, both doctors; their time of death is put at some time between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM. In the house, Folsom spots a bloody boot print on the floor and can immediately determine that Jinny tried to get away from her killer. Allie measures the boot impression on Jinny's arm, which belongs to someone with size 14 feet. They're soon alerted to a phone ringing, and Folsom soon finds that it's Jinny's. He unlocks the phone via facial recognition and finds that Jinny has received numerous text messages. Both Jinny and Nate were popular people, and for good reason—today is their wedding day. In the bedroom, Max finds a tuxedo and wedding dress laid out on the bed.

Allie tape lifts blonde hairs from Nate's robe, which is odd since Jinny was a brunette. All signs point to the murders being personal, as there are no signs of forced entry and the victims were shot at close range. Max surprises the CSIs by having them head to the wedding venue to round up possible suspects. At the venue, the father of the bride tells Allie that the rehearsal was two days ago, but he hadn't seen the couple since. Allie asks the man for a guest list. Meanwhile, Folsom makes his way around, looking for someone with large feet. He comes across Tyler Clement and his wife, Elise; the couple runs the clinic the deceased worked at. Elise is a blonde, while Tyler has size 13 (or 13 1/2) shoes. Folsom gets the couple's alibis and takes samples before allowing them to leave.

Back at the house, CSI Penny Gill takes samples of a red liquid from the floor of the garage. Since there's no trace of the liquid under the victim's cars, the thought is that the liquid came from the killer's vehicle. The wheel base appears to belong to an SUV, and it's suspected that the red liquid is high-end transmission fluid; since the liquid stains are overlaid, it seems that the killer was regular visitor to the house.

Since she has a badge, Sara is allowed inside the house to help examine the scene. There are no signs of force entry, so it's likely the killer had a key. Based on how the victims were dressed (or not dressed), the thought is that the victims were surprised in the middle of some "alone time." Nate tried to shield his bride-to-be from the gunfire, getting hit multiple times in the chest. The killer then moved around and shot Jinny from a better angle. He tracked through the original mess he made and shot Jinny before she could reach her phone. Sara spots a dirty boot print in the front hallway, meaning the killer didn't wipe their feet before entering.

The bullets pulled from the walls were all fired from the same gun; however, they aren't a match to anything in the system. Meanwhile, Max digitally magnifies some plant material found in the dirty boot print. The database identifies the material as having come from the Twisted Acacia tree, which grows in the southern United States and northern Mexico. Evidences suggests that the team is looking for a rare tree growing by an SUV that may have a bloody boot print on the gas pedal.

Allie and Folsom are provided with a list of Acacia trees in the area. Their search leads them to a mansion, where it appears that a party is in full swing. Upon pulling up, the CSIs locate a Mercedes G-Wagen that just happens to be parked under an Acacia tree. Folsom finds a red pool of liquid under the vehicle. Inside, they're welcomed to "Scramble," which turns out to be a high-end swingers club. They're informed that the G-Wagen belongs to the club and that any member is allowed to use it. After being given a guided tour, Folsom grabs the keys. He and Allie process the car, with Folsom fuming the interior for prints and Allie pulling a hair from the driver seat's headrest. Allie also finds the vehicle's registration, which indicates that the owner is an Anwar Hassan.

Back inside, the CSIs are told that there are no cameras on the premises for obvious reasons. They're denied access to a roster of members, and Allie asks to speak to the "big boss," Anwar. When told that Anwar is out of town, Folsom threatens to come back with a warrant and several news crews. The hostess, Kristy, begrudgingly leaves to get a printout of the members list.

One of the names on the list is Tyler Clement, who Folsom met earlier at the wedding venue. When confronted in his office, Tyler privately tells Allie and Folsom that his wife doesn't approve of the lifestyle. He admits to meeting Jinny and Nate at the clinic, then going to the club with them when he was invited. When told that the G-Wagen from the club can be tied to the murder scene, Tyler insists that he's never been inside the vehicle. He claims to have nothing to hide, but refuses to voluntarily have his hand swabbed for gunshot residue. However, when his secretary enters, Allie spots blue glitter on her wrist—the same thing found on Nate's wrist on the night of the murders. The secretary says the glitter came from the Dark Room at Scramble.

In the Dark Room at the club, Allie and Folsom are surprised by how clean the place appears to be. Allie finds a bottle of a blue glitter mixture on the nightstand, seemingly corroborating the secretary's story. Folsom's attention is drawn to a spot on the wall where the paint is faded. Since there are no windows and no natural sunlight is being let into the room, something else must've caused this. He then walks over to an array of low-wattage lights and finds a dead spot in one of the panels. Behind the dead spot is a miniature camera.

Noting that the transmitter on the camera isn't very powerful, Allie asks Kristy and the club's bouncer where their boss' computer is. Kristy mentions that Anwar came into the club earlier and left with nothing in his possession—whatever he didn't want to the cops to find is still on the premises. Allie searches Anwar's office, where she finds a laptop hidden in the fireplace. Outside, Folsom goes through the garbage bins and comes across something resembling a photograph.

The hidden camera contains several photographs of people's private escapades. Folsom goes through the club's financials on the laptop and discovers that anyone in the photos saw their membership fees rise astronomically—in other words, extortion and blackmail. Jinny and Nate were on the list, but had stopped paying the exorbitant fees the previous month. The deceased couple wasn't in any of the photos recovered from the Dark Room, and Max wonders if the charred photograph Folsom found in the garbage is of importance. When she "un-torches" it, she finds that it's a picture of Jinny that the killer took of her before he killed her.

Anwar Hassan is located and brought to the station for questioning. He refuses to explain the photo, saying that he didn't take it, nor is he in it. The boots he's wearing are a match to the boot prints found in the house; when Folsom tests them for blood, the test comes back positive. It seems that they have Anwar where they want him, but Max summons Folsom out of the interrogation room. She's observed Anwar's mannerisms, which have included drinking a glass of water with both hands and struggling to pull his boots off his feet. Anwar's pattern of speech is in short, clipped sentences and there's also a tremor in his hands. Max concludes that Anwar had a transient ischemic attack, which causes the loss of motor control. In other words, Anwar has suffered a mini stroke. While the man is guilty of some shady dealings at his club, it's impossible that he was able to grip a gun.

In autopsy, Dr. Ramirez uses alternate light photography to detect the shape and depth of the bruising on Jinny's arm. It's determined that the ball of the killer's foot was in the boot's arch, which means the killer was wearing boots too big for them.

Christy, the club's hostess, is brought in for questioning. She denies any involvement in the murders, but Max informs her that gunshot residue was found between the different layers of her fingernail paint. It's revealed that Christy was running both businesses—Shimmer and the blackmail scheme at the center of it. The payments had been going on for years until Anwar had a stroke. Since Jinny and Nate were doctors, they were able to diagnose Anwar's condition right away. Armed with this knowledge, Nate refused to be blackmailed anymore, telling others that Anwar was no one to be feared. Jinny and Nate even took the club's G-Wagen as retribution, and Nate told his friend Tyler that Anwar no longer had the power. Christy killed the couple in order to send a message, photographed the murder, and showed it to Tyler in order to get him to fall back in line. The scheme worked, as Tyler started paying again.

Under investigation: David Hodges

On the case: Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle

David Hodges is under investigation for falsifying evidence. Grissom sifts through dozens of lab reports and signoffs that appear to be authentic. He notes that Hodges worked every one of the cases in question, but Sara continues to maintain that their old friend is being framed. Sara soon gets a text message that Hodges is being charged at that moment, and he's seen getting fingerprinted in preparation for what lies ahead.

Grissom visits the storage locker under the guise of being an interested bystander. When ordered by an officer to move along, Grissom flexes his scientific knowledge before departing. Later, Max informs Grissom and Sara that they're not allowed to work the Hodges case, as anyone who worked with him could affect the integrity of the justice system. Sara maintains that nobody besides them has the technical expertise needed to make sense of everything, meaning that if she and Grissom aren't allowed to investigate, nobody will get to the truth.

Hodges is released on bail. As Grissom and Sara wait for him, they discuss whether he's actually capable of fabricating evidence—if he did, he broke numerous laws right under everyone's noses. They wonder how well they know Hodges, and their question is answered immediately when they see his pregnant wife approach him and give him a hug. Neither Grissom or Sara knew Hodges had a family.

Grissom and Sara visit Brass along with Hodges and his wife, Emma. Brass is sour over the fact that someone tried to kill him based on something Hodges did; however, Hodges maintains his innocence. Grissom is of little help, telling Hodges that when it comes to human testimony, he "sides with the robots." He encourages Hodges to tell the truth with the hope that the evidence doesn't disagree.

Brass is incredulous at the fact that Hodges is unaware that someone rented a storage unit in his name for over a decade. Everything is covered in Hodges' prints, but the former lab tech claims that prints are easy to fake. Despite his past as rubbing people the wrong way, Hodges says that Emma changed him. He went from being a lab tech surrounded by death to being a credible expert witness. Grissom mentions that he went to the storage unit and saw it filled with things that align with Hodges' interests, including board games and cat toys. Hodges says that he had recently moved in with Emma; half of his stuff is still in storage boxes in her garage, which would give someone easy access to his personal belongings and prints. They now think that someone has stolen Hodges' stuff and is using it to frame him. "Finally," Grissom replies, "a testable hypothesis."

In the lab, Sara privately tells Grissom that he was being too hard on Hodges and that she couldn't tell whose side he was on. Grissom replies that he doesn't take sides and that he only has two teammates: Sara and doubt.

Grissom and Sara go through Emma's garage and find no signs of a break-in. Sara believes they're looking for a very skilled thief, but Grissom questions whether there's a thief at all. Hodges is insulted that his former boss doesn't believe him, and Grissom replies that belief has to be disrooted from science. The betrayed former lab tech is now under the impression that he's all alone in fighting the allegations against him.

Grissom excuses himself and heads outside. As Sara asks him for his trust, Grissom draws her attention to a flyer for a missing dog. The dog belongs to one of Hodges' neighbors, and Grissom notes the dog disappeared the same week as the attack on Brass. He then spots a spiderweb belonging to a banded garden spider. Based on his entomological expertise, it takes three weeks for the spider's egg sac to grow as large as the one they're looking at. Nearby, a fresh patch of dirt arouses their suspicions, as the ground wasn't dug up to plant bushes. Grissom concludes that someone killed the dog and buried it in order to have unguarded access to Hodges' personal belongings.

The dog's body is unearthed and brought back to the lab to be autopsied. Blood is found on the dog's teeth, meaning that he got a piece of his killer before he died. Grissom wants to test the blood, but he tells Max that he doesn't have the authority to do so. Furthermore, a mass of blowfly pupa in the cadaver puts the time of death at precisely one week ago—three days before the storage unit was discovered. All evidence points to this being the start of the elaborate plan to frame Hodges, but Max flatly says that the dog is unrelated to the case. However, the dog's death requires investigation, and she offers Grissom a consultant's role at CSI as an entomological adviser.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Wallace Langham as David Hodges
  • Paul Guilfoyle as Jim Brass
  • Tom Degnan as Tyler Clement
  • Stevie Lynn Jones as Christy
  • Chelsey Crisp as Emma Hodges
  • Rich Ceraulo Ko as Mark
  • Sarah Gilman as Penny Gill
  • David Paladino as Adam Tyner
  • Sean Alexander James as Det. Will Carson
  • Roman Wimbush as Daryl
  • Cyrus Deboo as Anwar Hassan
  • Marah Fairclough as Elise

Major Events[]

  • Former lab tech David Hodges is accused of fabricating evidence, a storyline the CSIs will be pursuing for the entire season.


  • Biggest Part of Me by David Pack
  • Lights Go Out (Mixed) by Chapter & Verse


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