Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Ian Baxter
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Career Arsonist
Pathology Serial Arsonist
Mass Murderer
Modus Operandi Cigarette/Matches Arson
Client Employment
No. of Victims 2+arsons
3+ killed
1+ injured and critical
Status Hospitalized in critical condition
Portrayed By Justin Gant
First Appearance Torch Song

Ian Baxter is a serial arsonist and later inadvertent mass murderer and hitman appearing in Torch Song in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Baxter was always a serial arsonist notorious with the police and fire departments, his signature being starting a fire with a cigarette tied with two matches in a rubber band. He was always known specifically to burn for hire, with unknown means he found clients whom he was paid to start arson fires for.

While on parole for having set fire to an old warehouse, his latest client was Stu Kirchoff, a bar owner who needed money and hired Baxter to burn his place so he could collect the insurance policy. Considering white supremacists frequented his place, especially for rock concerts, he didn't care about collateral damage in what happened to them when they were present, having been disgusted by their bigotry and lack of manners for as long as they've been showing up on his property.

Regardless, Baxter would still play his fires safe, not only setting up a better corner where fire spread just fast enough for people to get out, but he picks a spot near a route he escapes out, as well. Unfortunately, there was a serious flaw in the plan, when a white supremacist, Caleb Voight, having murdered a Latino kid named Timo Padia, had another kid in the crowd named Jeremy Douglass park his car out in front of the doorway to get Padia medical attention all too late, blocking the exit. Thus when Baxter stated the fire, the kids could only run out the front entrance, but the bar was so, old, tight, and cramped, it lead to serious damage. The lead and bassist of the hatecore band were burned alive, one kid trampled by the crowds, and several more injuries, even critical ones, happened to the rest of the crowd, Kirchoff making it out almost in one piece. Baxton, however, was severely burned enough to end up in the ICU, in a trauma-induced coma.

After several false leads, like the relative of a dead boy killed by the supremacists honoring him, as well as a nearly-failed sting on Voight with Douglas leading to Voight's arrest, Voight ID'd Baxton by the skull motif shirt he was wearing the night of the fire. Remembering that in his clothes when he was hospitalized, they ran "John Doe #3"'s fingerprints, finally confirming by his MO at the scene. The fire investigator with them had them nearly exclude it before, assuming Baxton still had an alibi and wanting to solve the case personally, but the investigator provided the final nail in the coffin: he's a hired arsonist for pay. Kirchoff was arrested after Baxton's home was searched, finding his payment from the bar owner's pawned guitar, as well as Kirchoff's fingerprints. It's unknown what happened to Baxton, but if not incarcerated, he was most likely left hospitalized in a coma until he died due to the extent of his critical trauma.

Modus Operandi[]

Baxton would find clients by unknown means who would pay big bucks to have properties they chose to be torched, often for insurance payment. He arrange for discreetly taking the payment first, bring it home, then set a date for the fire. Once he reached that date, after canvasing the area, he'd set a fire starting at a point far back from entries and exits, using two matches and a cigarette all tied with a rubber band. Once the fire was started, Baxton would run for his escape route and flee, before the fire got out of control, leaving the exit open for any and all bystanders to run out as well without casualties. But since a car was blocking his escape route, for him and the clubbers, three people other than an already dead murder victim died there, from incineration and trampling by crowds, himself being badly burned into critical condition.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous unspecified fires prior to the episode
  • Unspecified warehouse fire
  • The Lockjaw Club fire:
    • Rene Nylan (lead hatecore singer; burned to death)
    • Kurt Harper (hatecore bassist; burned to death)
    • Kevin Ellis (by proxy; trampled to death by fleeing crowds)
    • Numerous injured and critical victims

Known Clients[]


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