In a Dark, Dark House
In a Dark, Dark House.png
Season 11
Number 22
Writer Tom Mularz
Director Jeffrey Hunt
Original Airdate May 12, 2011
Previous Episode: Cello and Goodbye
Next Episode: 73 Seconds

In a Dark, Dark House is the twenty-second episode and season eleven finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


In the season finale, the CSI team investigate the death of serial killer Nate Haskell at the hands of Ray in order to determine exactly what happened that night.


Picking up where "cello and goodbye" left off , Langston is confronted by serial killer Nate Haskell, after Haskell makes a monologue of his murders Langston takes him down, beats him brutally to Haskell's delight and puts the flexible handcuffs on him, however Haskell tells Langston why Gloria is still alive, then Langston cuts the flexible handcuffs and the scene is cut off.

The scene returns with Brass and two officers entering the Thorpe house where Brass finds Haskell dead on the stairs with ligature marks on Haskell's un-shackled wrists and puts a pair of handcuffs on them, then Brass goes up to the second floor and finds to Langston and Gloria safely and tells Ray not to talk to anyone until an interview with internal affairs.



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Guest Cast


  • When IA officer Schultz turns up, he mentions a previous investigation involving Warrick. The same actor appeared in both episodes, but his name in the first was 'Wagenbach'. Additionally, 'Detective Holland Wagenbach' was the name of the character this actor played in the L.A. crime series "The Shield".


  • Laurence Fishburne's final contact appearance as a regular cast member.

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