Minor Character: Miami
Name Isaiah Stiles
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Rapper
Pathology Proxy Killer
Proxy Robber
Modus Operandi Proxy, Varied
No. of Victims 1 killed by proxy
1+assaulted by proxy
1 framed.
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Aldis Hodge
First Appearance Sinner Takes All

Isaiah Stiles is a proxy criminal responsible for organizing both a robbery and a murder in the same event in Sinner Takes All in CSI:Miami.


Stiles was a notorious rapper of his time, even making a soundtrack for a movie Benjamin Paxton gave him a leading role in. That all ended to soon when Paxton replaced Stiles for a British actor, then spread defaming things about his music to keep him from extending his career any further, despite keeping the soundtrack. Stiles lost his contacts and sponsorship, even his fans starting to turn on him, once his reputation was smeared. Stiles decided to organize a murderous revenge plan, starting with hiring an old bodyguard named Carl Raines, who was in the Haileah Kings Gang and did contract killings for pay, when he caught him trying to bootleg his new tracks and decided to bribe him into killing Paxton in a setup, releasing the tracks in a leak as a cover story and to keep Raines from backing out. He then contacted some of his closer friends who hadn't ditched him, who pointed him to an at large elite poker robber named Alonzo Santoya, having not been caught due to expert MOs and wearing a devil mask. He hired Santoya to try and rob a game he'd set Paxton up to be in, having Raines duck in an air duct so he'd shoot Paxton when the robbery started, framing Santoya as the killer. He also wanted a cut of the stolen proceeds, and in return, he gave Santoya assistance in breaking in by preemptively slicing an "x" into the glass window Santoya would smash through during the robbery, using the diamond on his ring.

When the game happens, the plan goes perfectly, Santoya firing without killing anyone to make them get down, the moment being taken by Raines to shoot Paxton dead, the chandelier crashing on his head postmortem from Santoya's shots at the chain, Stiles even having the bullet from Raines flying out of Paxton and into his elbow. Santoya makes out with the cash, no one's any the wiser to the conspiracy. Stiles not only gives his testimony, but he takes a handkerchief and pulls the bullet out of his arm to give to the CSI teams, pretending like it's no problem to throw suspicion off himself. But by the time the team finds Raines and shoots him dead in a shootout, deducing him as the killer, Stiles is brought in for questioning when not only does Raines say he was paid to kill Paxton, but the bootleg tracks were found in his car and matched to Stiles. Stiles only gives the story about Raines being his bodyguard and stealing his tracks to pirate, but he denies getting in contact with him again or being tied to the robbery and murder. This later gets outed as being false when he's once again suspected from finding the scores in the window glass, as well as glass particles on his diamond ring he used for the job. He smugly confesses to everything, saying "it's how they do it in the movies", but Walter Simmons just says to him in a serious, real-world demeanor that he's being arrested and demands that he give up the robber's name. Stiles, and later Santoya, is arrested and incarcerated soon after.

Known Victims[]

All of the following were committed under Stiles' orders or with his assistance:

  • Benjamin Paxton (shot dead by Carl Raines; chandelier fell on his head from Alonzo Santoya shooting the chain)
  • Multiple poker game attendees (shot at by Alonzo Santoya, but missed)
  • Alonzo Santoya (attempted to set up for Paxton's murder; failed)

Known Accomplices[]




  • Aldis Hodge, the actor who portrayed Stiles, is famous for his main role in Leverage as hacker-turned-vigilante Alec Hardison.