Minor Character: Miami
Name Jack Webster
Stanton Hayes
Alias Jack Smith (Webster)
Gender Male (both)
City Miami
Occupation Event organizer (Hayes)
Pathology Assailants
Attempted murderer (Webster)
Modus Operandi Mugging, followed by beating
No. of Victims 2 assaulted
1 attempted
1 mugged
Status Incarcerated (both)
Portrayed By Steve Cell (Webster)
Bradley White (Hayes)
First Appearance Speed Kills

Jack Webster and Stanton Hayes are a duo of muggers, Webster being a violent assailant, appearing in Speed Kills in CSI:Miami.


Webster and Hayes mugged a woman named Tonya Washington, but her son Marcus rushed in to step up for her. While Hayes was the more hesitant and merciful one, Webster was furious enough to go at Marcus. He beat Marcus unconscious, with Hayes stopping him from killing Marcus and trying to save him to some meager extent. The two left and left Tonya grieving over her unconscious son, and the paramedics narrowly saved his life. Sadly, Marcus went into a coma from a cerebral edema as a result of the beating.

Richard Laken, a speed dater only looking for sex, was the only other witness. he tried to call the cops when he saw Webster at the event, under the alias "Jack Smith" with false information, but Laken was vengefully killed by Mary Kinnan, a woman at the event Laken dumped because he didn't want any relationships from the event.

Table arrangements revealed Webster was not only at the club, but in Laken's line of site. A napkin at the scene was revealed to have a rare Kobe Beef, which Hayes had personally ordered. He admitted to the truth and sold Webster, out, leading to both their arrests and incarcerations. Horatio Caine, who was personally invested in the assault investigation from bonding with Tonya, told her the great news and sat with Marcus while she briefly left to eat something.

Modus Operandi[]

Webster and Hayes targeted Tonya Washington by jumping her and attempting to rob her. When Marcus Washington intervened, Webster beat him and knocked him unconscious, with Hayes unsuccessfully attempting to mind his wounds. After the two fled, Marcus slipped into a coma from a cerebral edema swelling and building pressure inside his head.

Known Victims[]

  • The Washington family:
    • Tonya Washington (assaulted; mugged and attempted to rob, bur failed)
    • Marcus Washington (beaten unconscious by Webster and intended to kill, but was stopped by Hayes; left in a coma from a cerebral edema)