Minor Character: Miami
Name Jack Williams
Sean Anderson
Gender Both Male
City Miami
Occupation Groomsmen
Pathology Robbers
Modus Operandi Robbery
Blunt-Force Trauma
Disorderly Conduct
No. of Victims 1 robbed
1 killed
Status Both incarcerated
Portrayed By Tug Coker (Williams)
Greg Winter (Anderson)
First Appearance Dude, Where's My Groom?

Jack Williams and Sean Anderson are two groomsmen of abduction victim Charlie King's wedding and later robbers and murderers appearing in Dude, Where's My Groom? in CSI:Miami.


Williams and Anderson were the closest friends and groomsmen of future husband Charlie King, partying hard with him at his bachelor's celebration despite bride Kim Hewitt wanting a party that didn't tarnish the ceremony and likely their marriage. When Kim's entrepreneur father, Timothy, found out, he went hysterical, and fearing for his daughter, he paid stripper Carmel Owens to spike their drinks with scopolamine, a volatile drug with serious memory and inhibition affects, to smuggle King out back for Hewitt to abduct him and try to kill him so he'd never be found. The groomsmen then, in a drug stupor, trashed their hotel room, which left Anderson briefly arrested before Williams and the senior Hewitt bailed him out, stole a painting ironically stolen by hotel developer Clay Bennett, and when security Tito Sanchez tried to take it back, fatally slammed his head into the limo door twice before driving it off to dispose of Sanchez's corpse. The two men then passed out handcuffed on a fountain, with Sanchez' blood literally in the water turning it red.

Dude, Where's My Groom?[]

The men are arrested and loaded in separate cruisers so they don't work out their stories, but are soon tested and found to have been dosed with the scopolamine. They remember the club and the bailing out but have no idea where King went. The limo and Sanchez are soon found, as well as the painting, leading to Bennett's arrest. But the groomsmen are soon forensically connected to Sanchez' murder. leaving the two arrested as well, even though both could argue diminished capacity. The groomsmen are likely incarcerated as a result of their crimes, and the Hewitt patriarch and Owens are also arrested for King's kidnapping, rescuing King in time when finding out he was set out to sea unconscious on a raft.

Known Victims[]

  • Clay Bennett (stole an illegally possessed Matisse painting from his hotel)
  • Tito Sanchez (head slammed twice into a limo door by Williams)