Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Jack Witten
Gender Male
Family Unidentified father (deceased)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Enterpreneur
Art and Film Connoisseur
Status Alive
Portrayed By Jason Priestley
First Appearance Frame by Frame

Jack Witten is a millionaire heir who became a recluse after being suspected of the "death" of Darcy Blaine, only for being exonerated 13 years later once revealed he was framed. He appeared in Frame by Frame in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Witten is a socialite who was the only son of a notorious filmmaker, his father also having a vibrant compassion for art collection. Witten used to have a reckless lifestyle of partying, drugs, and sleeping around, but his father steered him straight with a serious reality check that was enough for him to get clean. He was inspired then and there to turn his life around, regularly attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings, where he met another socialite and movie child named Darcy Blaine. He cared about her and saw her as a daughter, supporting her through her meetings regularly in hopes of helping her recover too. He also had huge dreams to build a casino evoking his father's movie career, calling it The Premiere and hoping to put in his father's money and make it matter, with partnership from his friend, film technician Bob Geer. He would later fall victim to a plan the two set up so Blaine escaped something worse, being sexually exploited by her biological father, Walter Blaine. In 2000, when Witten was drunk enough, Blaine helped him home before drugging him so he'd be unconscious in the set up. When Witten woke, saw Blaine lying still, "dead", with Geer entering suddenly and swearing he'd clean up the mess, in exchange for a payout of 750 grand, which Blaine would split with him and use in her new life. Pictures were taken to reinforce the blackmail and ruse, and Blaine's car was left outside of Vegas with her drawn blood mixed with roofies. Witten was immediately the prime suspect, the CSIs, then including Catherine Willows, working tirelessly to solve the case. But Witten's father kept suppressing their efforts with his influence and his connections, fearing for his son and demanding the police stop harassing him, which led Conrad Ecklie to stop the CSIs in their tracks, leaving the case cold for the next 13 years. To protect himself, and under Geer's blackmail, Witten would always say he never knew Blaine, which was never followed up on or tracked because of the NA meetings. Witten's dreams of a casino were squashed from unwanted bad publicity and losing his connections. When his father died, Witten was left with all his inheritance, but he became a shut-in once he felt the world turned against him. 13 years later, the nightmare would happen all over again when Geer realize some film of Blaine was in Witten's vault and she wanted to get it back, because a time stamp would reveal she was still alive.

Frame By Frame[]

Amateur high school robbers Emily Bridwell and Gwen Onetta break to Witten's mansion with his vault security codes to get the film back. But when Bridwell kills Onetta in a fit of rage over stealing her boyfriend, tying herself up in the vault and swallowing the film, the case turns into framing him for murder a second time. The CSIs are adamant to catch Witten for the murder, but he gives his truthful statement this time saying he's never met her and he passed out after watching movies in his home theater only to find her and try and resuscitate her. It only gets worse when Bridwell's found and she like she was locked in and Onetta was killed in a scuffle with Witten when he "lured" the two of them over "for a good time". The real truth only starts to come together once Bridwell dies from silver poisoning from the film she swallowed. When it's restored, it reveals the footage of Blaine that strongly implies Witten did know her. He's even further suspected when Geer was tracked for giving the girls the security codes, only to be found shot dead. Witten soon confesses about meeting her in NA and personally caring about her, as well as waking up after being wasted to find her "dead" and Geer blackmailing him into silence. This is enough to take him into custody, but eventually, the time stamp on the film shows it was a year after she disappeared, revealing she's still alive. As she's arrested before leaving town and confesses to the crimes, she's escorted away and passes Witten's view, who laments he didn't help her when he had the chance, would've done all he needed and she deserved to get away. Ecklie, who's releasing him from custody, tells him not to blame himself and apologizes for his hand in ruining his reputation. Witten simply says he doesn't have to feel sorry and appreciates them closing the cases, giving his sincere thanks for giving him his life back so he can rebuild himself again.


CSI:Crime Scene Investigation


  • Witten appears to be inspired by Howard Hughes, a reclusive millionaire with a business history and later life highly similar to Witten.