Minor Character: Miami
Name Jake McGrath
Gender Male
City Miami
Pathology Assailant
Domestic Abuser
Proxy Killer
Modus Operandi Battery
No. of Victims 1 assaulted
Status Unknown
Portrayed By Todd Lowe
First Appearance Wheels Up

Jake McGrath is a domestic abuser of murder victim Connie Briggs, leading to her eventual murder from her scarred physical state, appearing in Wheels Up in CSI:Miami.


McGrath had a propensity for violence, which was regularly taken out on then-girlfriend Connie Briggs, landing her several ER visits and barely recovered bone fractures. her college roommate and best friend, Lucy Strickland, encouraged her to try out for the roller derby with her, hoping to boost her confidence and stamina the more she competed and fought to win. Briggs loved it so much and was so skilled, she was a local derby star, even having a derby partner, Deb "D'Beat Down" Taylor. Strickland resented her success since she herself was a failure, but she was glad to support Briggs to the extent that they trained with a sandbag at McGrath's house, and Briggs overcame the violence she suffered enough that derby encouraged her to break up with McGrath to save herself for good. McGrath never got over it, but Briggs was finally free from the battery. McGrath was a major suspect in Briggs' murder when she was killed by an elbow guard to her back, which broke a piece of her rib off already broken from McGrath's attacks at her, flying into her heart and causing her to bleed to death inside. After going through suspects, including her competitors, her partner, and Vince Kessler, the rival coach responsible for poisoning her with ipecac to make her too sick to play and for revenge for paralyzing his sister, Tara "Tara and Feathered" Werner, in a serious derby accident, Strickland revealed McGrath's attacks on Briggs and the reason why she loved derby: fighting for herself and getting away from McGrath. McGrath was hauled in and interrogated, but McGrath just snapped denials in both her injuries and her eventual murder, with no hesitation in voicing hatred toward her. However, Strickland herself was revealed to have killed her, her guards reinforced with steel to make her strikes harder, but Briggs' murder was never intentional, just the strike to her back. When Strickland was arrested and a derby ceremony was held in Briggs' honor, her partner wearing her jersey while skating, McGrath was locked in the box with Horatio Caine, closing the blinds and making McGrath pay for Briggs' sake by brutalizing McGrath to avenge her. It's unknown if McGrath was hospitalized from the attack being severe enough or incarcerated from being able to prosecute for domestic violence and murder or simply manslaughter since his actions lead to the death of Connie.

Known Victims[]

  • Connie Briggs (repeatedly battered; she escaped by breaking up, but her bones were weakened enough to break from Lucy Strickland's strike and lead to her death)