Minor Character: Miami
In the Wind
Name James Bradstone
Gender Male
Family Sarah Bradstone (wife; deceased),
Caitlyn Bradstone (daughter; deceased),
Todd Bradstone (son; alive)
City Miami
Occupation Former Doctor
Modus Operandi Stabbing
No. of Victims 2 killed
1 killed by proxy
1 attempted
Status Executed
Portrayed By Anthony Michael Hall
First Appearance In the Wind

James Bradstone was a murderer who spent the last fifteen years on death row for the murder of his wife and daughter, and attempted murder of his son. He appeared in In The Wind of CSI: Miami.


Not much is known about Bradstone's past other than that he was a doctor and that also sells prescription drugs illegally, married, and had two children.

Season Eight[]

In the Wind[]

When he learned that Donald Newhouse, a client of his to whom he sold medicines, had an affair with his wife and killed her in revenge, it is unknown why he killed his daughter and tried to kill his son but most likely didn't know about the romance.

When the witness in his case, his neighbor, who is an elderly woman named Louise Russo, retracts the place where Bradstone murdered his wife and the case is reopened.

Knowing that Russo can have him executed, along with the help of another prisoner, he pays a man named Phillip Hale to run over Russo.

When the connection of how Phillip was paid is discovered and the new evidence against him, he is finally executed.

Known Victims[]

  • 1995:
    • Sarah Bradstone (Stabbed to death)
    • Caitlyn Bradstone (Stabbed to death in her sleep)
    • Todd Bradstone (Tried but barely survived; was repeatedly stabbed)

Victims by proxy[]

2010: Louise Russo (Run over by Philip Hale after James paid her in gold for being the sole witness in his case.)


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