Minor Character: Miami
Name James Reilly
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Former Navy SEAL
Former national security adviser
Computer repairman
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Stunning
Air embolus clotting
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Rockmond Dunbar
First Appearance Guerillas in the Mist

"Lancaster betrayed Peregrine. It was a noble idea and he turned it into a killing machine."

James Reilly is the usurped founder of Peregrine Security, which was later turned into a terrorist arms organization, and consequently a murderer and vigilante to stop the company, appearing in Guerillas in the Mist in CSI:Miami.


Reilly was a Navy SEAL who eventually turned to found Peregrine Security, a government-sanctioned organization dedicated to regulating arms trafficking and surveying criminal organizations most dangerous in those fields to take them down and prevent use of the weapons. Steve Lancaster, a soldier Reilly befriend when serving with him in his military years, was brought on by Reilly as a partner. However, to Reilly's horror, under fraudulent and ingratiating pretenses, Lancaster stole Reilly's chief position and threw him out of the company. The records were changed to make it seem like it was Lancaster's passion play from the start, and under the guise of government sanctions, the company ended up being a terrorist organization, not only utilizing the weapons confiscated from criminals, but setting up and arranging criminal wars and even selling the weapons to other buyers. Reilly was nauseated and devastated to see his dream and best intentions go up in smoke to replace it with exactly what it was against when founded. When Reilly found out Peregrine required a dangerous electronic firearm, the DX4 Vaporizer, he finally snapped and planned his revenge, most of all to save countless lives and reveal the damages done.

Guerillas in the Mist[]

After Lancaster personally uses the Vaporizer to slaughter three drug smugglers under the sanction of Miami's Customs chapter, Reilly stalked Lancaster out to the meeting place where he'd consult with arms dealer Gabriel Soto, in hopes of selling the weapon of destruction to an interested buyer. When Lancaster saw Reilly approaching and demanded "What the hell do you want?!", Reilly tased his throat with a Sentry, the world's smallest standard-model stun gun, to incapacitate him from a high voltage. When Lancaster was on the ground, Reilly pulled an empty syringe and injected the empty air inside into the vein of Lancaster's eye, cause the air embolism to fatally clog Lancaster's heart. Reilly then checked Lancaster's pulse on his wrist and fled the scene. His fingerprint was left on the watch Lancaster was wearing as a result, but Reilly played it off as having reunited with Lancaster after years of not seeing each other and exchanging a handshake. But Alexx Woods caught on to the bubble earlier, clamping Lancaster's heart before cutting it open in a tub of water to release the air bubbles, proving her theory. She later succeeded in finding the injection site: the retinal vein, where she swabbed a black ink to send to trace. The damning evidence pointed right back to Reilly: the ink was print toner, which he used in his new business in his computer repair firm, the syringe for concentrated injection. When he was confronted with how he was "fired", he lividly says the founder of Peregrine couldn't have been fired from it, openly revealing the truth about Peregrine's history. As he recounts what he found out about Lancaster, he solemnly laments if it weren't for Lancaster, Peregrine would still be "a noble idea", not "a killing machine". Eric Delko simply says Reilly should've taken his own advice, before he's arrested and incarcerated for murder. Peregrine's members and dealers were later arrested and/or shot dead when the organization was finally dismantled and ousted.

Known Victims[]

  • Steve Lancaster (tased in the throat with a Sentry stun gun; injected a fatal air embolism into his retinal vein)


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