Minor Character: Miami
Name Janet Sterling and Abby Biggs
Gender Female (both)
City Miami
Occupation Modeling agency owners (both)
Pathology Serial killers
Proxy killers
Con artists
Modus Operandi Varied
No. of Victims 4 killed (both)
1 killed by proxy (both)
Status Deceased (both)
Portrayed By Kari Wuhrer (Sterling)
Joelle Carter (Biggs)
First Appearance If Looks Could Kill

Janet Sterling and Abby Biggs are a pair of psychopathic serial killers responsible for killing models they employed to their own agency, J.A. Models, to collect their life insurance policies.


Sterling and Biggs ran J.A. Models, a company named after their first name initials. The two agency owners decided they could start killing their models to collect their life insurance policies. To this end, Sterling seduced Jake Bolton before shoving him off an eleventh floor balcony, killing him from the fall. Another one of their models, Kyle Jordan, was sitting in a sauna, while wearing a nitroglycerin patch for his heart problems. His opened pores caused the drug to be absorbed faster, which induced a heart attack that put him in a coma and eventually killed him.

Their plans started unraveling when one of their models, Jason Hollings, ran over Steve Dixon with his car because he was competition. Knowing they could be tracked, especially since Biggs had seduced Dixon when planning to kill him, while Sterling seduced Cody Lane, the two women paid trucker Bob Norwood so he could pay for his sick daughter in the hospital. In return, he pushed Lane off a ninth floor balcony and killed him. The two women were questioned when their murders were tracked, and Biggs was horrified Sterling took a plan out on her.

Confronting each other when they were released, Sterling gave Biggs some lip gloss, which Biggs didn't notice was laced with cyanide. With her own plans to protect herself, Biggs shot Sterling dead with her pistol. She was quickly identified and arrested, while painting her lips with the poisoned lipstick. She tried to claim self-defense, but she started coughing, then gasping for air. The team figured out the lip gloss had cyanide, which has no antidote. Biggs says in her last breath Sterling killed her shortly before she died from suffocation from the poison.

Modus Operandi[]

Starling and Biggs targeted their own male models, getting their defenses to fall by seducing and having sex with them. After taking out policies on their lives, each of them would be killed from various means. When the authorities were closing in, they paid Bob Norwood for killing one of their models. They ended up killing each other when Biggs was targeted for another policy and Sterling was killed by Biggs to stop her.

Known Victims[]

  • Jake Bolton (pushed off an eleventh floor balcony by Sterling)
  • Kyle Jordan (died from a heart attack due to nitroglycerin poisoning, which happened in a sauna while wearing a patch)
  • Cody Lane (pushed off a ninth floor balcony by Bob Norwood when paid by Sterling and Biggs)
  • Janet Sterling (shot once in her torso by Biggs with a pistol)
  • Abby Biggs (poisoned with cyanide laced in a stick of lip gloss; died from respiratory failure)