Minor Character: New York
Name Jason Cartey
Gender Male
Family Lita Cartey (wife; deceased)
City New York
Pathology Assailant
Domestic abuser
Modus Operandi Beating
No. of Victims 1 assaulted
2 stalked
Status Presumably incarcerated
First Appearance Blood, Sweat & Tears

Jason Cartey is the physically abusive widower of Lita Cartey, who was murdered.


Jason would regularly beat Lita, badly enough she got a broken nose and had her teeth knocked out, which she needed to get fixed. Lita finally fled to her sorority sister from college, Paige Worthy, and lived in her apartment. When Jason stalked Lita to the place and kept trying to go after her, Lita took over the apartment while Paige stayed at a hotel for her job. Jason's last visit was several minutes outside the door, while Lita was bleeding to death after being stabbed by Eric Slovenski. When Jason left, Slovenski threw Lita down the trash chute while she was wrapped in a shower curtain.

When she was found, as was Paige who confirmed Lita is the one who died, Paige told the CSIs about Jason. Jason was tracked and denied beating Lita, telling his truthful account of the day Lita was murdered. Slovenski was tracked and arrested for Lita's murder, and it's presumed Jason was also incarcerated on domestic violence charges.

Known Victims[]

  • Lita Cartey (his wife; repeatedly beaten; later stalked and harassed)
  • Paige Worthy (stalked and harassed)