Minor Character: Miami
Name Jason Hollings
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Model
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Vehicular assault
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Jay Kenneth Johnson
First Appearance If Looks Could Kill

Jason Hollings is a model and a murderer.


Hollings worked for J.A. Models, which was run by Janet Sterling and Abby Biggs. Another model Steve Dixon, was getting more jobs from having sex with Biggs, but the ladies was really doing that to get Dixon killed for life insurance payouts like other models. Hollings beat them to it, running Dixon over with Hollings' Mercedes. Finding out they could still conveniently collect on Dixon's death, Sterling and Biggs had Bob Norwood tow the car, before paying him to later kill Cody Lane, another model they took a policy out on.

Hollings threw a dead Dixon into a marina, where he was caught under a boat and the propeller sliced his leg. An angry husband chasing his wife's lover saw Dixon's blood float up to the surface, leading to his remains being found. The piece of the car lodged into Dixon leads to the car and Norwood having towed it earlier, and Dixon's brain matter in the grille. Since it was leased to Hollings, he was questioned, but all he offered was Dixon's name and their shared place of employment, not an admission of guilt. Hollings is, regardless, tracked by forensic evidence, arrested, and incarcerated.

Known Victims[]

  • Steve Dixon (ran over with a rented Mercedes, and threw into Biscayne Bay postmortem; left him to float under a boat, where his leg was cut off by a propeller)