Minor Character: Miami
Name Jason Reger
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Recovering addict
Pathology Conspirator
Modus Operandi Dismemberment
No. of Victims 1 disposed postmortem
Status Unknown
Portrayed By Shawn Hatosy
First Appearance Sleepless in Miami

Jason Reger is an unwilling accomplice under drug induction appearing in Sleepless in Miami in CSI:Miami.


Reger is a recovering drug addict paying big bucks to spiritual consultation fraud Elena Manus to get sober. But when Brandon Garrett, a husband of client Stacy Garrett, died in her session alone with him, she composed her hysteria enough to set up Reger to take the fall. She drugged him with a candle baked with datura, or jimsonweed, a violent hallucinogen, so she'd send him into a violent hypnosis. In his disoriented state, she commanded him to dismember Brandon's corpse in his home tub, which led to Reger fighting hallucinations of Brandon and himself in the varied locations he left Brandon's remains. The CSIs caught him burying Brandon's head in the Everglades, because he reported his own murder in his stupor. he eventually led them to the trunk in the ocean with Brandon's body, which he threw off a pier, and Brandon's hands in a landfill incinerator. In custody, he relays in shock he was trying to get clean and was successful for quite some time, not believing he'd have taken something with such drastic effects. Natalia Boa Vista loses it on him, flashing back to the same excuses of ex and stalker Nick Townsend, thus biasedly believing he's not telling the truth. His Magic Fish from Manus leads them to her, and she identifies it "psychically", with Reger recognizing it from a broken fin. When a hair from Brandon that was found on him is identified from his body, not his head, as Reger hallucinated, he traumatically wonders if he killed Brandon, but his lawyer cuts him off before he can incriminate himself. Boa Vista eats her own bias when she's sent undercover to catch Manus in the act and she herself is drugged with datura, then abducted, then tracked to a warehouse where she shoots at Ryan Wolfe and Horatio Caine in her own stupor. When she's rushed to the hospital and detoxes, she finally believes Reger's claims from her own experiences. Manus is caught, and she believes she "drained" Brandon's life out in a session they had alone after Stacy and Peter Truitt left them behind. But a needle mark in Brandon's hand reveals Truitt poisoned him in a handshake using Stacy's cone snails, setting up Manus and Regar to take the fall. Truitt is killed by a truck when trying to escape, Manus is arrested, and Boa Vista personally tells Reger he's also being charged despite his lack of competency. But with her apologies, she swears to defend him throughout the trial with the rest of the CSIs to acquit him. Wolfe and Caine later swear for no one to know Boa Vista shot at them, not even her.

Known Victims[]

  • Brandon Garrett (dismembered postmortem; threw his hands in a furnace, threw his body off a pier in a trunk, and buried his head in the Everglades)