Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Jason Richter
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Prison guard
Pathology Murderer
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 stalked
2 robbed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Michael Bowen
First Appearance Cold Blooded

Jason Richter is a prison guard, murderer, and extortionist who appeared in Cold Blooded in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Richter worked in the prison holding Eli Holt, the convicted killer of Whitney Kohler and Rachel Beck even in spite of the girls never being found. Holt hanged himself in a suicide attempt in prison, placing him in a coma ten days before the start of the episode. Richter was the responding guard who resuscitated him, and when seeing maps Holt made of where he buried Whitney and Rachel, Richter concocted a scheme for getting money from one of the parents, Rachel's mother Carly. Richter posed as Holt and sent her letters in his name, demanding thousand in exchange for the locations of the girls, 5 grand for one of them and 10 grand for both of them. Carly scrambled for the money by pawning just enough for 5 grand, which successfully led to her to Whitney once Richter gave up the location. She got some of the money from Rachel's father Phil, who gave her his watch and was depressed from his wife Sharon filing divorce papers, as well as previously had an affair with Carly.

When Richter realized Phil was a witness once Carly told him over the phone, he shot Phil and disguised his death as a suicide. Carly was eventually arrested at one of the drop points she was to deliver the other 5 grand. Going to Holt's prison cell, the CSIs find shreds of paper and realize one of the staff was the extortionist. Richter was figured because he was the responding guard, and when the team goes to his house, Richter tries to burn the map and make a break for it. The outer edges are lost, but Richter is arrested. A shirt with Phil's blood in Richter's crawlspace is additional confirmation of guilt, and Richter is incarcerated. Trace evidence on Holt's weapons leads to Rachel's remains.

Modus Operandi[]

Richter targeted the families of Whitney and Rachel once he had the opportune find of Holt's knowledge of their burial sites. Richter took photos of the girls' remains once he unearthed them, sending them to Whitney's mother with an extortion demand. His communications were always through untraceable phone calls, until they stopped once he realized Phil was aware of the plot when he assisted in giving items to pawn for the money. Richter shot Phil in his head and left the gun he used in Phil's hand to stage it as a suicide, conveniently placing Phil's remains on a desk with divorce papers from his wife. Richter tried and failed to burn the map with the girls' locations and run once he was caught.

Known Victims[]

  • Carly Beck (Rachel's mother; stalked and extorted out of $5,000p; later attempted to frame for conspiracy; was released and the money returned)
  • Phil Kohler (shot in the temple; staged his death as a suicide)