Minor Character: New York
Name Jason Walder
Gender Male
City New York
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Stabbing
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 framed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Bradley Stryker
First Appearance Night, Mother

Jason Walder is a murderer responsible for framing Ophelia Dichiara for his murder of Rachel Camden, his mistress, in Night, Mother in CSI:New York.


Walder was having sex with Camden outside of her marriage with her husband, Todd. Since Rachel and Todd wanted a baby together, Walder would always wear condoms to not be the one to get Rachel pregnant. After enough of an affair, Walder developed, albeit questionably possessive, feelings for her and told her at his favorite outdoor basketball court he wanted her to leave her husband. When she refused and broke off the affair, he flew into a rage, grabbed her hair, and stabbed her in her torso with a sharp wooden stake. Walder left her to die and Ophelia Dichiara to take the fall when she pulled the stake out of Camden and tried to resuscitate her in an episode of sleepwalking. Walder found the scene happening and, having a patsy, called the cops. Though Dichiara was thankfully cleared when evidence proved her real actions while sleepwalking, and going through security footage again revealed Walder at the scene at the time of the murder. Splinters in his hands and a condom in his wallet confirm his guilt as the killer, and when preaching his motives to Stella Bonasera, she simply sneers to say it to the other inmates in prison. Walder's soon after arrested and incarcerated, Dichiara being reassured later by Mac Taylor her innocence was officially confirmed.

Known Victims[]

  • Rachel Camden (stabbed to death with a wooden stake)
  • Ophelia Dichiara (inadvertently framed by leaving her to a parasomniac episode at the crime scene)