Minor Character: Miami
Name Jeff Colson
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Realtor
Pathology Rapist
Modus Operandi Burglary
No. of Victims 1 raped
1 framed
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
First Appearance Payback

Jeff Colson is the rapist of Valerie Naff, never apprehended and later murdered after the exoneration of Brian Lexington falsely convicted for the crime.


Colson was a realtor and eventual acquaintance of Valerie Naff, with a horrifically perverse fixation toward her enough Colson started planning to rape her. At a house party she held, he personally attended to steal her house keys to get into her home later. he then broke in at night and raped her in her bedroom, opening the side door as a cover to never be tied to the crime. In spite of leaving behind a pubic hair despite wearing a condom, a maintenance man named Brian Lexington was fingered and convicted for the crime, serving jail time for several years. Eventually DNA evidence exonerated Lexington, releasing him from prison and leading to a lawsuit filed against the MDPD, leading Colson open for suspicion again once the investigation was reopened.


This suspicion would hone in on him once it was realized the picture frame near where Naff's keys that he took were was a "gift" from him as part of his ruse. He was soon brought in for questioning and smugly rebuffs suggestions of his culpability, self-complimenting a couple times as well. When Horatio Caine insists on a DNA sample, Colson coldly says "get a warrant". One does end up obtained for Colson's DNA, but an informant for Lexington's lawyer hears the name on the warrant, which the lawyer passes on to Lexington, Lexington to Naff, even Naff to her boyfriend Doug Stets. For justice, Stets started off by tracking Colson to one of the realtor's listings and severely beat him enough for it to be critical, but not enough to kill him. What does kill him is Naff, horrified, traumatized, and haunted by the reveal, goes to the same listing late at night, finding Naff on the floor doubled over. In disgust, all she growls in her own pain is "I trusted you" before she grabs a nearby statue and slams the corner of the based into his head four times, not cracking his skull open, but enough trauma to cause him to hemorrhage and die. A DNA test on the pubic hair later confirms Colson as the rapist when the DNA's a certain match.

Modus Operandi[]

Colson targeted Valerie Naff, a client of his, in her own home be bought for her. Giving her a frame of her house as a ruse, he placed it just next to her keys so he could steal them for later entry. When the rainy night came that he was ready, he unlocked the front door and let himself in, then breaking into her room and raping her violently, on her bed in the dark while wearing a condom. he opened the outside door to her room as a cover and exited the same way he entered, which ended up working in framing Brian Lexington for the rape and burglary.

Known Victims[]

  • Valerie Naff (broke into her home and raped)
  • Brian Lexington (framed and got falsely convicted, sending to prison for 6 years)