Minor Character: Las Vegas
City Las Vegas

Jeff Simon is a budding serial killer and stalker appraring in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Simon stalked Alice Granger after her dumping him from never getting over her, which led to her taking out a restraining order in Simon and learning to shoot a gun through another one of her exes. The police never arrested Simon when he was never caught in the act. When Alice picked up lawyer Adam Novak at a bar, Simon snapped and shot her dead in her home. Simon decided to blame Novak, so he also shot Holly Pearson, another woman Novak picked up and who blew him off when he harassed her. After breaking into his car and stealing his keycard for the courthouse, Simon shot Holly and left the keycard to frame Novak. The evidence at Alice's home from Simon's welding job and Novak's car fmthrough his fingerprints proved Simon was guilty, and he confessed in full in interrogation before being incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

Simon targeted Alice for rejecting him and Novak for being the man Simon saw Alice got attention from. Simon killed Alice in a rage, then killed Holly after Novak tried to corner her becauee Simon didn't get over his grudge. He shot both women with a .25 handgun, covering their faces with their jackets sfter they died. Alice was forced to kneel and beg for her lif ebefore she was murdered, and Holly was shot while she was running away. Novak was nearly framed from having been seen wuth both women and his keycard being left at Holly's house, which Simon stole from breaking into Novak's car.

Known Victims[]

  • Alice Granger (forced to kneel and shot)
  • Holly Pearson (shot while she ran)


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