Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Jeffrey Hughes
Gender Male
Family Wife
City Las Vegas
Occupation Herbalist
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By James Frain
First Appearance Sin City Blue

"Reform health care all you want, my patients are always gonna be left out!"

Jeffrey Hughes appeared in Sin City Blue.


Hughes graduated pre-med at Harvard and went to Mexico to celebrate. When there, he fell in love with a local girl, whom he later married, and continued his medical education in Mexico, attending medical school in Guadalajara and trained with a hospital in Mano Rejes.

He and his wife eventually moved to Las Vegas, where Jeffrey became a herbalist and would illegally treat illegal immigrants who had no documentation and couldn't afford health care at a proper clinic. Shortly before Sin City Blue, he had a very busy night, removing an inflamed gall bladder from a nanny and amputating a gangrenous finger from a gardener.

The same night, a Mexican family named Gomez asked him to treat their son, Eduardo, for an abdominal cyst. Exhausted from the previous work, Jeffrey failed to notice that Eduardo suffered from ITP, a bleeding disorder, leading to Eduardo bleeding to death while in surgery.

On Mrs. Gomez' instruction, Jeffrey had a man dump Eduardo's body in a dumpster in the Nevada desert, along with the surgical waste from his earlier operations. The man was caught and Langston, noticing the odd circumstances of the event, suspected that Dr. Jekyll was responsible.

The LVPD tracked down Hughes, who displayed no knowledge of the Jekyll killings, and had him arrested for practicing without a license and smuggling medical supplies.


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