Minor Character: Miami
Name Jeffrey Lipton
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Advertising agency employee
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Ax hacking
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 framed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Matthew John Armstrong
First Appearance Getting Axed

Jeffrey Lipton is a stalker and murderer appearing in Getting Axed in CSI:Miami.


Jeffrey Lipton was engaged to marry Paige Shoreham, a broker's firm employee who was fired by assistant Renee Dorset. With Dorset's hard business approaches and letting Shoreham go, leaving her struggling to find work and keep her finances, she was so devastated she killed herself, leaving Lipton in mourning grief. Dorset, however, was in grief too and horrified by her actions. As a result, she quit her job and found a new one at Tabula Rasa advertising agency as a receptionist, hoping she wouldn't make the same mistakes in her new position. Dorset would regularly donate to Shoreham's grave and visit every Friday, but Lipton resented this and never forgave Dorset's actions and disregard for his late fiancée. He stalked Dorset all the way to her new office, also getting a job at Tabula Rasa to watch how she acted around the office, all the while intend on vengeance. Seeing Dorset still with her usual inflammatory ways, which she tried to put to use in saving jobs instead of ruining them despite no one at the office seeing it that way, Lipton took it upon himself to get rid of her once and for all. When assistant Valerie Metcalf, who was having a party for her birthday, pulled the alarm to buy more time for herself to pick her boyfriend up at the airport and come back in time for the surprise, Lipton took the chance to corner Dorset on a higher floor. Lipton smashed a glass case with a fire ax and pulled the ax out as a threat against Dorset. When she realized who Lipton was, she apologized as best she could and offered saying how she tried to change. Lipton simply snorted she never changed, before slicing her side with the ax to catch her off the guard and then hacking her head to kill her almost instantly, leaving the ax impaled in her skull. Lipton then threw her down the elevator shaft, cleaned her blood up with dirty paper towels, careful to not get blood in himself, and threw the towels up into the office ceiling, where coincidentally Teddy Enwald was sleeping to cut down on rent costs for himself. Lipton joined the party once Metcalf arrived for the celebration, but when trying to go through the elevator shaft on a ride up, a now dead Dorset caught on the cords and cause the elevator to drop, and Dorset to crash through the lift's ceiling and spill her blood all over Lipton, ironically to Lipton's own horror despite having killed her. Lipton's clothes were taken and process, but the CSIs went through the rest of the office as suspects, like Metcalf, having poisoned her with mild doses of arsenic for revenge, and Enwald, suspected once his squatting space and the nearby bloody paper towels were found, but he was exonerated having found out he was poisoned by arsenic from stealing Dorset's office lunch. The CSIs finally found the motive in Dorset's previous background and Shoreham's suicide when realizing her well-to-do lifestyle wasn't on a receptionist's salary. Lipton was finally clinched when he was found in a newspaper article detailing Shoreham's suicide. Lipton was visited by the CSIs, ready to leave with suitcases packed. with no warrant, they left and combed through their evidence to see what they could find. Then they found the needle in the haystack: blood on Lipton's clothes on the day of the murder, not from Dorset's corpse while in the elevator, but minute stray drops splattered on Lipton when Dorset was hacked to death. Lipton was brought, gave a full confession, and was arrested and incarcerated for stalking and murder, the names on Lipton's and Dorset's doors being scraped off the glass at the Tabula Rasa office building.

Known Victims[]

  • Renee Dorset (stalked; later cut in her side with and impaled in her head with a fire ax; thrown down an elevator shaft postmortem)
  • Teddy Enwald (framed with bloody towels in his squatting area)