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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Jenny Carroll
Gender Female
City Las Vegas
Occupation Chess tournament host
Pathology Serial killer
No. of Victims 9 killed (unclear how many were by proxy)

2 attempted and kidnapped

Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Sarah Lafleur
First Appearance Killer Moves

"You know, there are 32 pieces on a chessboard—bishops, knights, pawns, kings. And yet which piece is most powerful?" "The queen."
—Sanders confronting Carroll during her arrest

Jenny Carroll was a serial killer who appeared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Jenny Carroll was the daughter of a chess grandmaster whose father refused to teach her chess due to sexist tendencies, as he thought chess was only a men's game. Later, she went on to become the host of a touring chess tournament, which she used to commit killings in Portland, San Francisco, Reno, and finally Las Vegas where she was apprehended by the CSI's. With the murders, she recreated a game where a difference in one move could've won the match. She had an accomplice named Lee Crosby whom she seduced into assisting with her crimes.

Season Fourteen[]

Killer Moves[]

She places her victims in streets named with letters and numerals to indicate chess moves, in order to recreate a chess game between Karl Schrute and Troy Parker. Initially, the CSI's suspected Troy Parker was behind the killings due to resentment from the game which he lost. However, they discovered Parker had vascular dementia, which meant he was incapable of lifting any of the murder weapons used. Later Sanders, on a hit given by his childhood friend (and suspect) Paul Lomax, found Parker and Schrute in a storage unit Carroll rented for the tournament, thus conclusively proving Carroll was the killer. Carroll was arrested by Greg Sanders after she kidnapped both Schrute and Parker.

Modus Operandi[]

Carroll hosted a touring chess tournament. She would commit the murders in cities her tournament arrived. The scenes of her murders would resemble chess moves in the classic game between Schrute and Parker, which was won by Schrute due to Parker's mistake, until she reached the mistaken move Parker made, where she "corrected" by making a murder scene to fit the move Parker should have made (which killed Chris Shatlock in his car).

Known Victims[]

Jenny Carroll's chess murders claimed nine lives. Some of the victims might have been killed by her accomplice (and later victim) Lee Crosby.

  • Portland, Oregon
    • Julie Glass (knight)
    • Unnamed homeless person (pawn)
  • San Francisco, California
    • Rita Windham (queen)
    • Father Luis Romero (bishop)
  • Reno, Nevada
    • Unnamed homeless person (pawn)
    • Father Francis Jackson (bishop)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • George Tabin (king) (an Elvis impersonator; stabbed in the back with an ice pick; left a dead rook impaled with the murder weapon a block down)
    • Chris Shatlock (knight) (a Knight of the Round Table cosplayer)
    • Lee Crosby (pawn) (her accomplice and a chess player with an obsession with Troy Parker; overdosed on experimental dementia narcotics)
    • Karl Schrute and Troy Parker (attempted; kidnapped, but were both rescued)




  • Carroll appears to be inspired by Alexander Pichushkin, better known as "The Chessboard Killer". Pichushkin is a Russian serial killer and gifted chess player who was taught chess by his grandfather, who died before Pichushkin's murder spree. Pichushkin was inspired by another Russian serial killer, a sexual sadist and mutilator Andrei Chikatilo, to kill more people than Chikatilo did and specifically kill as many people as there were squares on a chessboard, 64 people. Pichushkin was reported to have never reached that point, as he was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for the dozens of murders he was convicted of.