Minor Character: Miami
Name Jeremy Broyle
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Building super
Pathology Murderer
Attempted murderer
Budding serial killer
Drug dealer
Modus Operandi Pushing
Meth lab explosion
No. of Victims 1 killed
2 attempted
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Ricky Harris
First Appearance Miami Confidential

Jeremy Broyle is a drug dealer and a murderer appearing in Miami Confidential in CSI:Miami.


Broyle was running a meth operation from his apartment complex, with labs in several of the residences inside the building. Rachel Hemming was sent in as an informant, but Broyle was catching on she neverr sampled the drugs. But it was more than her status and strenuous rehab, but also her pregnancy with her stepbrother Zach's baby. Broyle confronted Rachel in one of the apartment labs, trying to make her take a sample. She refused, and that was when Broyle accused her of being a "narc". She tried to evade, and to keep the wire she was wearing from being found, but Broyle got physical with her, shoving her back into a glass coffee table which she crashed through. A shard of a wine glass pierced through her neck and caused her to bleed to death, killing her unborn child as well. Broyle cut himself on one of the shards trying to check if Rachel was alive, then fled. he then overloaded the circuits in the equipment to try and make them explode on a timer so evidence would be destroyed.

Ryan Wolfe and Alexx Woods were processing the crime scene at the time, when the apartment was set on fire, starting with the fume tent Wolfe had placed to preserve evidence. They narrowly fled with their lives, and the scene was secured once the fire was put out. Broyle was questioned due to the circuits being identified, but he said the apartment was all Rachel's. But his blood on one of the glass shards confirmed his guilt later. His ofice was raided, with his accomplices being arrested on the spot. When Broyle was stopped from jumping off the balcony, he was arrested as well. He confessed in interrogation, where he was told what he never knew kept Rachel clean from drugs: she had a baby, who died with her. Broyle was soon after incarcerated, with Rachel's handler, Mike Farallon, being arrested for leaving her to die after she used their safe word just to keep his job and hide their extramarital affair.

Modus Operandi[]

Broyle ran meth labs in his building's apartment complexes and distributed the substances wth his accomplices. When Broyle caught onto Rachel being an informant, he threw her into a glass coffee table, where a wine glass shattered underneath her; the neck of that glass broke off and stabbed the back of her neck, severing her carotid artery and causing her to bleed to death. Rachel was pregnant at the time, so her unborn child was also killed. To cover up the lab when the CSIs investigated, he wired the apartment to self-destruct when they started processing the crime scene, by overloading the circuits of the lab so they'd combust.

Known Victims[]

  • Rachel Hemming (threw into a glass coffe table; artery in her neck stabbed by a wine glass shard)
  • The apartment explosion (attempted to kill with a meth lab explosion; both escaped):