Minor Character: Las Vegas
Mary-Margaret Humes CSI Let the Seller Beware
Name Jeri Newman
Gender Female
Family Cal Newman (ex-husband)
Max Newman (son)
Unnamed sister
City Las Vegas
Pathology Double Proxy Killer
Modus Operandi Shooting
Drowning (proxy)
No. of Victims 2 killed by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Mary-Margaret Humes
First Appearance Let the Seller Beware

Jeri Newman is a double proxy killer, with the use of Peter Berglund, who appeared in season 3 in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Jeri's ex-husband Cal took the majority of their shared money in their divorce, then remarried to a woman named Monica, who was ironically cheating on poolboy Jack Jarvis with Cal and with Jeri's and Cal's teenage son Max. Jeri met with Berglund, a Navy Seal, and made a deal with him to kill Cal and Monica so she could get his money; in exchange, Berglund would be sold the Newmans' house to move into with his girlfriend, Janine Wood. Berglund donned a neoprene wetsuit and waited in the house pool for Cal, drowning him and submerging him at the bottom of the water. Berglund then left he pool, broke into the home, and shot Monica on the second floor of the house, throwing her and the gun onto the backyard awning after she was dead.

Berglund and Janine go over to tour the house without permission, have sex and try on the clothes. Janine finds Monica dead on the awning from blood dripping on her face. Berglund and Janine only admit to the house trespassing, and the realtor, Augie Heitz, gave them the lockbox combination. After it's ruled out that it's a murder-suicide and Cal and Max being the main suspects. Cal since his clothes and pocket items were at the scene, the team turn their attention to the murky pool waters, where Cal's body is found on the floor. Jeri identifies Cal and, when Max's semen is found on Monica's person, vehemently defends her son. As Max can't swim, he's ruled out as a suspect.

Berglund is fingered as the killer due to a shred of the white wetsuit being found in the pool, as well as rashes on his feet due to his Scandinavian lineage leaving him intolerant of the mildew at the pool that he stepped in. Knowing he was hired, the team go through the house's virtual tour and see a photo of Jeri and Berglund together. While she's selling the house, they confront her with the motive they determined, shown in Jeri's signature being on the loan application for Berglund to purchase the house. Jeri and Berglund are arrested and incarcerated accordingly.

Known Victims[]

The following were killed by Peter Berglund on Jeri's orders

  • October 9, 2002:
    • Cal Newman (drowned in his home pool)
    • Monica Newman (shot in the head with a .380 handgun)


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