Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Jerry Walden
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Property agent
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Beating
Matchbook arson
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Rick Peters
First Appearance Scuba Doobie-Doo

Jerry Walden is the murderer of his business partner Bruce Skeller.


Walden and Bruce were in possession of land around Lake Mead, which Bruce wanted to conserve as an environmentalist instead of industrialize. But Walden changed buyers, increasing the price of an acre they were selling from 50 grand to 500 grand. Bruce was horrified and had an altercation and eventual struggle with Walden in Walden's apartment. Walden punched Bruce in his chest, causing his heart rate to change from the blow and his nerves being hit. The force of the blow and Bruce's trauma caused him to collapse into Walden's ash wood coffee table, dying almost instantly. Walden wanted to keep the land sale in place and sell more, so he planned to disguise Bruce's murder.

Dressing Bruce in a wetsuit and scuba gear, Walden threw him into the lake and used a cigarette butt to start a fire on the land. The fire department was called to divert suspicion ad disguise the arson as a nature fire during a hot, arid season in the Nevada desert. However, the heat sparked the oxygen in Bruce's tank, causing an explosion that catapulted a dead, dressed Bruce into the branches of a tree. CSIs were called to the scene, and Stokes automatically thought of an urban legend of a scuba diver falling out of the sky, but everyone was still ready to investigate by protocol.

Stokes proves the arson by finding the cigarette, stuck in a match book for a time-delay arson. Spraying with hair spray to preserve evidence, Stokes bags it for the lab. Dr. Robbins confirms Bruce didn't die from the fire or smoke, because he wasn't burned badly enough, nor were his lungs charred. The urban legend is disproved from Dr. Robbins' evaluation of Bruce's remains confirming the cardiac concussion, then falling onto what was yet to be identified as the coffee table. Finding out the oxygen tank was full, an finding a fissure,, confirms the explosion, and a serial number was found that revealed it was Walden's tank.

Walden was interviewed at his apartment by Willows and Det. Ray O'Riley at his apartment. Willows sees the scuff marks from the coffee table, and she sees through Walden's lies that he sent it out to be refinished. The team finds out about the land deed, but they can't confirm the official document was tampered with. However, ash wood splinters were found in Bruce's back, and DNA from the cigarette butt was a mach to Walden. Stokes and Willows confront Walden with the evidence they have, even without a confession. The argument resulted in Walden punching Bruce into the coffee table, killing him instantly. Walden diverted the investigation by getting rid of his coffee table, dropping Bruce into the lake with the scuba suit and gear, and starting a fire, which blew the tan and sent Bruce into the three. Walden is arrested and incarcerated for murder and arson.

Modus Operandi[]

Walden punched Bruce in a fight, causing a fatal irregular heartbeat from his heat being struck. Bruce collapsed into an ash wood coffee table, so Walden got rid of it to hide evidence. Disguising the murder, Walden dressed Bruce in scuba gear postmortem, starting a fire with a cigarette butt at Lake Mead, where he sold property and left Bruce's remains. The oxygen in Bruce's tank was sparked from the flames, propelling him into a tree's branches.

Known Victims[]

  • Bruce Skeller (punched and caused a fatal heart attack; dressed in scuba gear and incidentally propelled into a tree from igniting the oxygen tank postmortem)


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