Minor Character: New York
Name Jessica Angell
Gender Female
Birth Date September 2, 1981
Family Cliff (father)
Four unnamed brothers
Don Flack (boyfriend)
City New York
Occupation Detective
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Emmanuelle Vaugier
First Appearance People With Money

Jessica "Jess" Angell was a homicide detective on CSI: NY. Angell sometimes briefed the CSIs at their crime scenes. She first appeared in People With Money, after the murder of Aiden Burn.


Angell had four older brothers and her father was a detective sergeant. (Commuted Sentences) He had originally hoped that the sons would follow in his footsteps and join the police, but Jess became the one who did it instead.

Season Three[]

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Season Four[]

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Season Five[]

In Pay Up Simon Cade shot a man after he and his accomplices kidnapped Connor Dunbrook. When he was located by Don Flack, Angell's boyfriend, Flack shoots Cade in the abdomen and he collapses in a boiler room. Upon seeing his Desert Eagle and gunshot wound, Flack realizes that Cade murdered Angell and shot him to the face instead of arresting him.


Mutual interest between Flack and Angell was hinted at in several episodes (eg Commuted Sentences). Their friendship and professional relationship continued to develop, and their romance finally took off when they kissed at the end of season 5 in Dead Inside.

In All in the Family, Flack called her 'Jess,' presumably a nickname for Jessica, causing a bit of confusion for the viewers. Also, it seems that Emmanuelle Vaugier was originally credited as Jennifer Angell but that credit changed to Jessica Angell mid-season 4 with no explanation (whether on the show or sites with the credits) on several TV/Film databases, such as IMDB.com.

Angell and Flack dated for most of Season 5, and were shown to be a strong couple both off and on the job. Angell's death in the line of duty (Pay Up), left Flack devastated, leading to a downward spiral and eventual breakdown. Flack catches Angell's killer in the end: while chasing the men who shot her and kidnapped Connor Dunbrook down, Flack confronts and shoots a suspect named Simon Cade. Flack then notices that Cade's gun is a .50 caliber pistol and that he has a shoulder wound. Angell had been shot with that caliber of gun and had shot her killer during their encounter. Flack realizes that Cade had killed Angell and shoots him dead in revenge for her murder. Angell is later honored by Robert Dubrook on the front cover of the next day's paper.

Angell is also seen to have a good working and personal relationship with the members of the Crime Lab as they are all visibly shaken by her death and they all get together at a bar, sharing various stories about working with her. She has also shown this when helping Stella out with tracking down Sebastian Diakos and George Kolovos when Stella was ordered off the case by Mac Taylor because Kolovos attacked her in a Subway stairwell after she got too close to what they were doing.


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