Minor Character: Miami
Jim Markham
Name Jim Markham
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Former Ballistic Lab Tech
Status Alive
Portrayed By Joshua Leonard
First Appearance Blood in the Water

Jim Markham was a Ballistic lab tech at the Miami-Dade Crime Lab who appears in Season 4. He was played by Joshua Leonard.

Season Four[]

Markham became the head of the ballistics section when Calleigh left, due to John Hagen committing suicide there.

Calleigh later grew tired of Markham screwing up and returned to the Ballistics lab, which resulted in Markham being transferred elsewhere.

Blood in the Water[]

Markham left skin cells unexamined on a bullet casing. She takes it to DNA and the evidence puts one of the suspects, Luke, at the scene of a shooting.

48 Hours to Life[]

Markham failed to write a report for Calleigh to act on, despite knowing the test results for several hours.


Markham failed to test the firearm evidence from the crime scene, instead choosing to organizing the firearms locker. He was less interested in the evidence because of the circumstances of the case, stating: "A dope dealer shot a dope dealer? C'mon, it's a victimless crime". After this exchange, Calleigh states that she is "taking back her lab" and has Markham transferred out of Firearms.


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