Minor Character: Miami
Name Jim Wilson
Gender Male
Family Unnamed wife
Unnamed children
City Miami
Occupation Juror
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Hacking
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Martin Grey
First Appearance Hell Night

Jim Wilson, aka Juror #3, is a juror in the trial of Donny Lopez, who was suspected of murdering his wife Miranda, and whom Wilson personally killed out of resentment.


Wilson was fed up with the trial taking so long because his wife took his kids and he lost his job during the allotted extended time frame. He not only blamed the trial, he blamed the defendant, Donny Lopez, as well, deciding to do something about it. When the day came to evaluate the crime scene, the Lopez house, one of the other jurors induced her own seizure so someone who bribed her for a distraction could break in. Wilson took advantage of the distraction as well, grabbing a nearby meat cleaver when Lopez wasn't looking, slamming the weapon into his head. He then took out a piece of jury note paper and left it on top of him while he lay dead on the floor, the word "guilty" scrawled across it in large, lowercase letters. The CSIs soon caught onto the killer being a juror when they realized the paper came from the deliberation chambers. But the crucial piece of evidence comes from finding a face print Wilson left in a pocket door that changed with the blueprints. With that match made, he was brought into confession. he tried to say he was going to the bathroom, but it was a weak lie since the water was shut off in the house. He then ranted about his life being ruined and his blame against Lopez in his confession, leading to his prompt arrest and eventual incarceration. It was later revealed Donny didn't kill Miranda after all; her their daughter Chelsea was always responsible, stabbing her to death in an episode of blame and resentment herself.

Known Victims[]

  • Donny Lopez (hacked in his head with a meat cleaver; left the jury a paper note written with "guilty" postmortem)