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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Jimmy Tadero
Gender Male
CityLas Vegas
Occupation Detective (formerly)
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Bruce McGill
First Appearance Felonious Monk
Jimmy Tadero was a detective and the mentor of Catherine Willows. He appeared in season two of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Tadero met Catherine when she was a dancer, and he was a customer. He had a crush on Stephanie Watson, and even proposed to her, but she turned him down. In 1988, Watson was killed and Tadero arrested Dwight Kelso for the crime.

Season Two

When Kelso died in prison and sworn that he hadn't killed Stephanie, Catherine re-opens the case and starts analyzing the evidences, a knife that has blood and saliva on it. A small sample that wasn't tested at the time of the murder is run at the lab, and comes back with the identification of being from a third contributor, and a pair of gloves with blood and saliva, belonging to Kelso.

Suspecting that Tadero might have been the killer himself, Catherine gets his DNA sample and discover that the blood in the murder weapon isn't his either. The pair of gloves was bought in by Tadero two days after the crime, and the saliva and blood, Kelso's blood, was planted by Tadero, in order to "help the evidence along".

Tadero is arrested for planting the evidence, thus letting the real criminal get away with the murder.


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