Minor Character: New York
Name Joanna Morgan & Amber Stanton
Gender Both female
City New York
Pathology Vigilantes
Murderer (Stanton)
Attempted Murderer (Morgan)
Killing Team
Modus Operandi Stabbing (Stanton)
Shooting (Morgan)
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 attempted
1 framed
Status Incarcerated (Stanton)
Deceased (Morgan)
Portrayed By Lauren Stamile (Stanton)
Suzanne Reed (Morgan)
First Appearance Commuted Sentences

Joanna Morgan and Amber Stanton are two rape victims and vigilantes wanting to target attackers of women they were fed up with being acquitted. they appeared in Commuted Sentences in CSI:New York


Both women met on a train and discussed other crimes they were appalled by: Steve Kaplan murdering a model and getting acquitted being found by Stanton, and Morgan have an acquaintance in a support group, Fern Lazlow, who never saw justice to being raped by Mitchell Bentley III. Agreeing to get justice for each other's crimes they heard through the grapevine, Morgan bought a gun and set up a date with Kaplan, while Stanton equipped herself with a knife to target Bentley with. Stanton easily killed Bentley and left the corpse at the doorstep of Lazlow's apartment building, but Lazlow found Bentley trying to check for a pulse and took the fall inadvertently from being covered in blood. Morgan, however, failed her plan with consequences. During the date, where the restaurant neglected their procedure and gave her and Kaplan food poisoning, Morgan pulled a gun on Kaplan at the steps of a museum. Kaplan struggled with Morgan for the gun, and to prevent going to jail again, Kaplan forced themselves against each other, aimed the gun at her chest from behind, and shot her, the bullet being lodged in Kaplan's shoulder as a result. Kaplan was tracked down from an ER visit for the poisoning and asking for painkillers, but despite self-defense claims, Jessica Angell arrests Kaplan for murder. Stanton's later tied to her crime and confesses, saying Lazlow was just supposed to see Bentley dead, not be framed for the murder. She's arrested and incarcerated as well, leading Lazlow to be released.

Known Victims

  • Mitchell Bentley III (stabbed four times by Stanton in front of Fern Lazlow's apartment building)
  • Steve Kaplan (attempted to shoot by Morgan; was killed by Kaplan instead)
  • Fern Lazlow (inadvertently framed for Bentley's murder)